19-27.05.2017, Wrocław
Narodowe Forum Muzyki

, Saturday
, 7:00 PM
NFM, Main Hall
Plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław
John Zorn & The Gnostic Trio

Ikue Mori – electronics

The Gnostic Trio:

Bill Frisell – guitar
Kenny Wollesen – vibraphone
Carol Emanuel – harp






J. Zorn The Clavicle of Solomon
J. Zorn Bagatelles - arranged for computer by Ikue Mori
J. Zorn – compositions for The Gnostic Trio


Get ready for some of the most beautiful music Zorn has ever made! Here he turns to chamber music simplicity with an intimate ensemble of harp, vibraphone and guitar inspired by Early Music, Debussy, the minimalism of Reich, Riley and Glass and esoteric spiritual traditions from around the world. The music is lyrical and hypnotic, perfect for early morning meditation, a lonely afternoon, or midnight contemplation. Performed with great feeling by long time Zorn collaborators Bill Frisell, Carol Emanuel and Kenny Wollesen, who interact with sensitivity and grace The Gnostic Trio is one of Zorn's most tender and subtle 21st century ensembles.

Another of John Zorn's many faces – this time, a lyrical, mystical one. A chamber concert by The Gnostic Trio, suffused with harmonies of guitar, harp and vibraphone, encourages to contemplate and meditate the pure beauty of sound.  The Clavicle of Solomon and Bagatelles, inspired  by ancient spiritual traditions (the latter arranged for computer by Ikue Mori) will be performed by brilliant instrumentalists: Bill Frisell, Kenny Wollesen and Carol Emanuel.


The Gnostic Trio | The Mockingbird