19-27.05.2017, Wrocław
Narodowe Forum Muzyki

, Friday
, 12:00 PM
NFM, Red Hall
Plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław
MINI ACOUSMA FORUM // Woo, woo, woods, or music and voices of nature

Woo, woo, woods, or music and voices of nature


Forest is the kingdom of sounds. The whistle of the wind, the rustling of leaves, the creaking of branches, the whisper of trees. The thrilling nightingales, chirping warblers, cheeping robins, tweeting bushtits and many other small singers. The forest has also a variety of grunting, hissing, crackling, growling, gasping, barking, murmuring, howling, wailing, whistling. Where do all these sounds come from? What is that, over there, behind that bush? Sometimes we can hear men: their footsteps, voices of mushroom pickers, the sound of saws, cries of children, a distant echo of cars on the road… And each voice represents a different character, a different story, a different emotion. Who sings in the woods? What stories does the forest tell with its rustling? Are they always the same? We will try to answer these questions in the Mini Acousma Forum session at the Red Hall, whose door will change into a magical gate leading to the woods. Shall we go inside?