19-27.05.2017, Wrocław
Narodowe Forum Muzyki

Edition 2017

We have entered into the 21st century with an awareness of our identities getting increasingly blurred. Who are the artists of today? How do we define an instrument now?  We have gone far beyond the traditionally understood sound of the orchestra.  One universal pattern of musical notation does not exist anymore, a pattern that would guarantee a continuous identity of a work of music. The boundaries between genres continue to blur too, and composers create their own new forms transgressing previously assumed limits. We will try to reflect these phenomena in the programme of Musica Electronica Nova 2017. 
The number one composer of the 2017 edition will be John Zorn.  This restless spirit, who consistently escapes any categorization, keeps setting new goals for his art, tames and penetrates new musical spaces in his unique way. Fraçois Bayle will also be a guest of the Festival, himself a creator of electroacoustic music with a definite artistic affiliation.
Between these two widely different personages we will present electronics in combination with orchestra and new media, thus emphasising the multi-layered image if its present identity. 

Elżbieta Sikora
Artistic Director of Musica Electronica Nova

The question of identity is definitely one of the most prominent questions of our contemporary world, expressed notably in arts and music. One of the obvious reasons to ask it is the development of technologies which spread increasingly every day in our lives and activities. On a concrete level, because our tools are changing and offering new perspectives all the time, but more profoundly because technologies are re-defining our attitudes, our ability to move physically or virtually, and our relationships.
During the Musica Eelectronica Nova Festival, we attempt to explore different facets of those changes from several perspectives. How can somebody define the personality of John Zorn, except through the acceptance of radical changes in the definition of a musician or composer? How can we experience today the very intriguing work of Jani Cristou, who left us a brilliant and unique catalogue of musical theatre? How can we just accept, in our hyper-controlled world, to be taken to the unknown situation brought to us by the composers commissioned by the Festival to write new pieces? Maybe one of the answers remains hidden but we wish everyone to enjoy discovering with us those new identities.

Pierre Jodlowski
konsultant programowy, kierownik rady programowej
festiwalu Musica Ealectronica Nova