, Friday
, 7:00 PM
NFM, Main Hall
Plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław

Stephan Winkler – conductor
François Bayle – electronics
Cezary Duchnowski – electronics
Ensemble KNM Berlin



François Bayle – special sound show
Journey to the center of the head [Sound-speed-light] (1991)
...Who? [The project 'Listen' /1] (2016)

C. Duchnowski  A Ball Under a Spring Full Moon (2017) ** (commission of MEN 2017)

M. Hiendl Tonus  for violin, violoncello and electronics (2014) * (commissioned by impuls for the Schallfeld Ensemble)
J. Christou Anaparastasis III: The Pianist for actor, instrumental ensemble and tapes (1968) *

Please note that that the 1st part of the concert will begin in complete darkness. Please arrive on time. We regret to say that latecomers shall not be admitted to the Main Hall.

KNM from Berlin is one of the most renowned  contemporary music ensembles. Founded in 1988 by students of Hans Eisler's Berlin school, Ensemble KNM merges impressive skill with a penchant for experiment. During the Music Electronica Nova performance, KNM will join forces with Cezary Duchnowski (electronics) and  with François Bayle – a true legend of electronic music and musique concrete, inventor of the term 'acousmatic music'. We will begin from a special sound show designed by Bayle, followed by Cezary Duchnowski's Bal wiosennej pełni – a special festival commission.  Afterwards, we will hear Martin Hiendl's Tonus, based on the harmony of inner tensions of the violin and the cello (composition commissioned by Schallfeld Ensemble), and eventually,  Anaparastasis III: The Pianist by Jani Christou, a fascinating and mysterious figure of 20th century music, a student of Carl Gustav Jung.

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KNM Berlin, fot. Anja Weber
Ensemble KNM Berlin
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