, Tuesday
, 6:00 PM
Klub Uff
plac bp. Nankiera 1
Eastern oldschool // Accompanying event

Jan Topolski – host


Electronic studios in Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia: listening with a guide

Electronic music did not have an easy delivery in the countries of the Eastern bloc. However, aside the legendary Experimental Studio of Polish Radio in Warsaw, important creative centers came to live also in Bratislava, Prague and Belgrade. Composers such as Jozef Malovec, Zbyněk Vostřák and Vladan Radovanović became known as the pioneers of electronics in Central Europe. A showcase of their achievements, presented also in issue #30 of Glissando magazine, will be crowned with a screening of the cult Czechoslovak film with synthetic soundtrack, worthy of an Oscar.


Tickets: 5 zł, tickets available starting one hour before the concert , only at the concert venue