7:00 PM
NFM, Black Hall
plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław
Donkey Monkey | Santos Silva Draksler Zetterberg

PART I/ Donkey Monkey
Eve Risser – piano, keyboards
Yuko Oshima - drums, sampler

PART II:  Draksler / Santos Silva / Zetterberg
Susana Santos Silva – trumpet
Kaja Draksler – piano
Torbjorn Zetterberg – double bass 


Donkey Monkey concert is being performed as part of the “Jazz Migration” series established by AJC to support the professional development of new jazz groups.


The first part of the evening will be an encounter with the Japanese-French duo Donkey Monkey. Yuko Oshima (percussion, sampler, voice) brings her experience from the Japanese freak-rock scene, while Eve Risser (piano, keyboards, voice) – a wealth of European contemporary music. Both artists translate their fascinations into crazy, subversive improvisations with a strong element of humour, creating not-so-serious avant-garde music.
After this strong opening, we will hear a creative fusion of trumpet, piano and double bass – Susana Santos Silva, Kaja Draksler and Torbjörn Zetterberg. Portuguese trumpeter Susana Santos Silva is the founder of a quintet and the Carimbo label, which focuses on the Porto jazz scene. Slovenian pianist and composer Kaja Draksler admits that she's interested mainly in the "sources of the musical language" which she's trying to reach with her music; her greatest role models are Thelonious Monk and Cecil Taylor. Draksler has gained experience in live performance with her Acropolis Quintet – a band with a sparkling, fresh approach to jazz, enriched with Southern European influences. Torbjörn Zetterberg is known mainly for his recordings with the Hot Five quintet, in a post-bop style with avant-garde elements. Three talented and ambitious musicians will converse onstage in the language of young contemporary jazz.

Donkey Monkey, fot. archiwum