9:00 PM
NFM, Red Hall
plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław
Red Trio | Piotr Damasiewicz | Gerard Lebik

Red Trio:
Rodrigo Pinheiro – fortepian
Hernani Faustino – kontrabas
Gabriel Ferrandini – perkusja
Piotr Damasiewicz – trąbka
Gerard Lebik – saksofon tenorowy


Tempo, energy, nerve, dynamics – these are the characteristic features of the "explosive" Portuguese Red Trio. The classic jazz trio formula: piano/percussion/double bass becomes a field for experimentation for the young musicians from Lisbon, in which improvisation reveals its wildest, most impetuous, even aggressive face, countered with moments of focus and mildness.
Red Trio introduced themselves to Polish audiences during tours, through albums released by Warsaw's Bocian Records, and via collaborations with Piotr Damasiewicz and Gerard Lebik. Lebik is a Wrocław-based musician and sound artist creating installations with analogue and digital technologies. Piotr Damasiewicz is a trumpeter and composer, fascinated by the fringes of improvised music and art, and a curator of Art Meetings in Lviv.