4:00 PM
Foyer of the National Forum of Music
Plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław
Melting Pot Made in Wrocław

Mateusz Rybicki - clarinet
Lena Czerniawska

A.M.P. Trio 
Máté Pozsár – piano
Péter Ajtai – double bass
Szilveszter Miklós – drums


Improviosed music


Melting Pot improvisation labs, which gather together artists from various fields, are a Wrocław tradition and a regular element of Jazztopad's programme. 

Improvisation, during which the work is created as it is performed, while the artist's craftsmanship keeps the art from becoming chaos, is the essence of jazz. The next meeting at the Melting Pot laboratory will be focused on exceptional, musical and visual, improvisation — a comic story by Lena Czerniawska, will be created in parallel to the concert. How music and image affect each other and where the paths of improvisation will take the musicians and drawers? Let's stir the bowl of improvisation once again!


Melting Pot, Narodowe Forum Muzyki