7:00 PM
NFM, Red Hall
plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław
Bänz Oester &The Rainmakers | Marcin Masecki - premiere

Part I – Bänz Oester & The Rainmakers
Bänz Oester – double bass
Ganesh Geymeier – saxophone
Mkhize – piano
Ayanda Sikade – drums & percussion

Part II – Marcin Masecki & NFM Choir


Part I

The Rainmakers

Part II
Marcin Masecki


The Rainmakers are a Swiss–South African band known for their energetic performances, pulsating with joy. They are comprised of bassist Baenz Oester, saxophonist Ganesh Geymeier, pianist Afrika Mkhize and percussionist Ayanda Sikade. Their spontaneous jamming eventually turned into a full-time band, whose music merges influences from two continents.


The second part of the concert involves premiere compositions by Marcin Masecki. The well-known pianist and composer is one of the most recognisable faces of new Polish music. He's comfortable with jazz, avant-garde, contemporary classical, classical, rock and avant-pop; he's not afraid to record a lo-fi version of J.S. Bach's Kunst der Fuge on an old Dictaphone, nor to work with artists as chalk-and-cheese-different as Tomasz Stańko and Reni Jusis. Omnipresent, versatile, constantly coming up with new solutions and ideas – we can expect the same from his Wrocław premiere performance.

VIP - 80 PLN
N - 60 PLN
R – 40PLN


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Project supported by: 

Marcin Masecki, fot. archiwum artysty