11:00 AM
ul. Pomorska 19, 50-215 Wrocław
Amplified drawings | accompanying event

Eve Risser (France)
Mazen Kerbaj (Liban)
Olaf Brzeski (Poland)
Sofia Palma (Portugal)
Henning Bolte (Holland)
Lena Czerniawska (Poland)
Sebastiano Tramontana (Italy)
Georgina Rodriguez ‘Geroco’  (Mexico)

The Jazztopad Festival is the partner of the exhibition.


Among audiences and the creators of experimental and improvised music I observed the phenomenon of responding by drawing to the sounds. Surprised and intrigued I decided to speak out loud about it in the form of an exhibition inviting amazing artists from all around the world. If you notice that you have the same symptoms don’t worry — it is a very nice disorder!
Lena Czerniawska

opening: 22/11/2017 5pm

We will open the exhibition with a discussion about the exhibition and its creators led by the music journalist and drawing artist Henning Bolte. Free entry!

Mazurek, rys. Henning Bolte