, Sunday
, 8:30 PM
Black Hall
plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław
Cityscapes – Barcelona

José Manuel Berenguer – curator



El Raval district is a particularly dense human agglomeration. In fact, the density of the  population is the largest in Barcelona. However, there are quite squares and other open  spaces where social life is intense and varied. Therefore, the diversity of the sources of  their soundscape is great and gives fairly clear idea of the activities in public spaces. So  because many of its inhabitants come around and the influx of tourists is great, there is  nice diversity of languages and other sonic identities of cultures that coexist in this  space of such a small city. Moreover, given the low pedestrian traffic within the neighborhood, the audio recordings have a special interest and quality. 

Paisatges Sonors del Raval is collective work. A 45 minutes mix of a 6 track soundscapes selection recorded by the students of Sound Art Master of University of Barcelona. The project and the mix were proposed by José Manuel Berenguer. Professor Carlos Gómez supervised the work of students.


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Barcelona, fot. pixabay.com
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