, Thursday
, 9:30 PM
Black Hall
plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław
Cityscape Cracow

 Magdalena Długosz – prowadzenie


Julian Gołosz (1993), Kamil Kruk (1989), Paweł Malinowski (1994), Piotr Peszat (1990), Monika Szpyrka (1993) Cityscape Kraków (2016) **

Cityscape Cracow is a critical image of the city. Each composition relates to a different aspect characterizing Cracow. These five sound images come together to define what the creators deem most distinctive and vital about the city. Seen from the perspective of its inhabitants, Cracow is a city completely different from what the tourists get to experience on their trips. Initially idyllic, the vision of the historical city with a rich tradition transforms into an ambiguous image that is full of contradictions.


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Kraków, Rynek, fot. pixabay.com