, Sunday
, 5:00 PM
Black Hall
plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław
Sounds of Berlin – Between the Sonic Exterior and Interior

Suk Jun Kim – curator


Program / Programme:

Jef Chippewa march [marcha / марш] (2011/13) *

Karen Power hidden allure (2016) **

Israel Martínez Flânerie (2012) *

Suk-Jun Kim To Enin (Berlin) (2016) **


Horacio Vaggione Arches (2013) *

Sound is affective – it haunts us. Places we have left remain in us through sonic memories as much as those that are visual. Crisscrossing the sonic interior and exterior of Berlin, Sounds of Berlin showcases five electroacoustic and soundscape compositions, each of which documents, presents and represents the sonic memories of Berlin. Chippewa, in his short piece titled footscapes-march, creates layers of footsteps that remind us of historic significance of Berlin as a place. Hidden allure by Power, a DAAD resident composer in 2015–2016, uses recordings she made in a bunker underneath Gesundbrunnen Station. Martínez, a recent DAAD resident composer in 2012–2013, documents his soundwalks in Berlin for several months in Flânerie. Kim’s work, To Enin (Berlin), uses humming sounds he collected from Berliners during his DAAD residency in 2009-2010, while in Arches, Vaggione uses a collection of sounds recorded by Folkmar Hein from objects of any kind belonging to his home.


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