, Sunday
, 12:00 PM
Black Hall
plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław
Germination or how sounds grow

Mariusz Gradowski – prowadzenie



Imagine a tree. Let it be an old apple tree, in an old orchard. It is the music. The tree is big, with spreading branches, the foliage is quite dense, and apples are tucked in it in autumn. You are eager to eat one, leaving the core with pips. If you plant the peeps in the soil, another big apple tree may grow. And now imagine a sound is like a pip, a seed the music is sprouting from. How is it happening? There is silence, and then is a sound born? Where from? How is it growing? How is it changing? How is a complex sound born from simple sounds? In what direction is it growing? Sprouting upwards like a stem, or downwards like a root? From silence to noise, from low to high, from light to dense. From a single rattle into an organized and dense rhythm. And sometimes – perhaps the other way round? From silence to music. The growing of music is something we will have a closer look at in the very special Sound Cinema.

This event is for kindergarten and primary school children. Its main theme is an encounter with sounds as the building blocks of music. The boundaries of music will be presented in a metaphorical form, within which it can grow, expand and change (silence – noise, simple sound – complex sound, single sound – chord, low frequencies – high frequencies, etc.). Examples of sound and music will be presented and discussed with children by the host who is the author of the session.


10 zł

Kino Dźwięku 2015, fot. Łukasz Rajchert