The NFM Educational Center

The National Forum of Music Education Centre is a new initiative designed with the youngest children in mind. We organize classes for expectant mothers, infants, kindergarten children and young schoolchildren.
The Education Centre was born from love of music and from our deep conviction that everyone needs music. This is the most beautiful and most universal art form. Music teaches, moves our emotions, develops, relaxes, cures  and provides extraordinary experiences. 

Through music we want to give the youngest of us a good start into a life filled with beauty. We want to inspire children to develop their individual potential. We believe that by shaping the personality of the youngest, we shape a community actively participating in culture, people with a wealth of spiritual life and openness to others. 
Our music classes not only boost creative skills, sensitivity and curiosity of the world of sound, but also stimulate building other competences – intellectual, linguistic and social – through contact with music. The classes make children familiar with group activities thus helping them to prepare for their kindergarten and school years. The friendly atmosphere and comfortable rooms as well as our excellent trainers and company of other children make all the participants have great fun at the NFM. 
The goal of the NFM Education Centre is music education of children and young people. Our classes help in introducing children to the world of art, develop and master their artistic skills, boost their creativity in various activities prepare for active participation in cultural life. 



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