Choral Academy

The Choral Academy is a project whose aim is to promote singing, including a coherent development programme for choirs – from kindergarten to professional ensembles. Making sure that singing is present in the life of every person from an early age is the main mission of this project.

The Choral Academy meets diverse expectations of various age groups, as the needs of children, adults, amateurs and professional singers are different. Given that choral singing is the best form of singing in everyday life, benefitting individuals artistically, but also socially and psychologically, it is primarily the choirs that are the way to accomplish the main mission of the project, also supporting choral conductors and young singers.

The detailed objectives of the project include, among others, increasing the number of children's choirs at pre-school and school age as well as improving the artistic level of already existing ensembles; enabling choirs and choristers to share experiences during joint projects; improving the performance skills of young singers, first of all by organising trainings, workshops and lessons with the best theoreticians and world-famous singers and conductors; organising joint performances of young singers with professional musicians; organising workshops and training for conductors; publishing materials (textbooks and sheet music) necessary to work with choirs at various levels; commissioning a new repertoire for choirs.

All the tasks are carried out around a theme adopted for a given year, at the same time they concern universal topics related to choral methodology. The Choral Academy also includes activities undertaken as part the other choral projects of the National Forum of Music – Singing Poland and the Polish National Youth Choir. The supervisor of the project is Prof Agnieszka Franków-Żelazny serving as its Programme Director.

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