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March 2018
7:30 PM
NFM, Main Hall
Plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław
Special Concert on Women's Day: The Land of Gentleness

Elita Cabaret and guests
Andrzej Poniedzielski & Wolna Grupa Bukowina
SaxArte Quartet and an instrumental ensemble directed by Bartosz Pernal


A gala of music arranged by Bartosz Pernal

Wolna Grupa Bukowina / fot. archiwum zespołu

Jan Kaczmarek was born on June 6, 1945, in Lwów, Poland, now located within the borders of Ukraine. While attending Wroclaw University of Technology, and Electronics, in 1969, he founded Elita’s cabaret with fellow students Tadeusz Drozd and Jerzy Skoczylas. Long associated with the Wroclaw radio program Studio 202, the world's oldest cyclic satirical radio program, which features writers such as Andrzej Waligórski, whose texts gave birth to myriads of these wonderful songs, and arrangements by Jan Walczyński, both funny and mind-boggling, satirical and thoughtful. 

Joanna Kołaczkowska was born on June 22, 1966, in Polkowice. She is a graduate of Education and Cultural Pedagogy Department of the University of Zielona Góra. During her studies, she met Adam Nowak from the band Raz Dwa Trzy, who encouraged her to pursue cabaret. Beginning in 1988, she worked as an actress with the Kabaret Potem, for whom she also wrote lyrics and sketches. Kołaczkowska has recorded radio skits under the label Trrrt Sound and is an active character of the AYYY label, where she has directed short films as well as the feature length film Nakręceni. Since 2002, she has performed with the Hrabi Cabaret alongside Dariusz Kamys, pianist Łukasz Pietsch and Tomasz Majer. Kołaczkowska also appears on the improvised series Spadkobiercy as Dorin Owens.

The SaxArte Quartet was founded in 2009 by four saxophonists having graduated from the Academy of Music in Wrocław. The ensemble’s repertoire varies, including classical music, jazz standards, and film and dance music arrangements. The SaxArte Quartet has performed at the Wrocław Philharmonic, Centennial Hall, and the National Museum, in Wrocław. Additionally, the group often cooperates with esteemed musicians, who have included violinist Miłosz Rutkowski, and vocalist Magdalena Zawartko.

Bartosz Pernal was born in Gorzów Wielkopolski in 1984. He completed his undergraduate studies in trombone at the University of Zielona Góra and went on to pursue degrees in jazz trombone from the Academy of Music, in Wrocław, and in composition and arranging at the Academy of Music, in Katowice. For the past three years, he has directed the Bartosz Pernal Quintet and has been involved in a number of other jazz and music performance initiatives. In March of 2017, he earned his PhD in Music from the Department of Choral Conducting, Music Education and Church Music, at the Academy of Music, in Poznań. Penal’s compositions and arrangements have been sought in collaboration with various cultural institutions including the Wrocław Philharmonic, the Wrocław Comedy Theater, the Wrocław Puppet Theater and Elita cabaret.


Alixandra Porembski, English Language Annotator

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