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April 2018
7:00 PM
National Forum of Music, Main Hall
Plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław
Mazowsze Song and Dance Company at the NFM

Jacek Boniecki - conductor
Orchestra, Ballet and Chorus of the State Song and Dance Company 'Mazowsze' 


Mazowsze celebrates its 70th anniversary.

Państwowy Zespół Ludowy Pieśni i Tańca „Mazowsze” im. Tadeusza Sygietyńskiego, fot. archiwum zespołu

"Mazowsze" is one of the largest artistic ensambles  in the world born out of the wealth of national dances, folk songs, chants and traditions. The troupe has been named after the central region of  Poland - Mazowsze, but the repertoire of "Mazowsze" has soon been enriched by the folklore of other regions. Today, it covers 42 scenic versions of various regions. Today “Mazowsze” delights with its youth, vigor, professionalism, and colour. The repertoire of the Troupe includes the folkloric work of 42 Polish regions. During one concert audiences can enjoy about 20 of them.
Artistic uniqueness of the ensemble is a synthesis of the qualities and values accumulated over centuries in Polish culture, in which the basis is simple folk art in ennobled, sophisticated form, while not devoid of truth, honesty, and the simplicity of prototypes. The greatest polish artists such as Frederic Chopin and Karol Szymanowski also found it inspiring, thus highlighting the meaning of national identity.

The most surprising thing about Polish folk costumes are their diversity. “Mazowsze” has worked out 42 ethnographic regions, and in one concert (depending on its character) we can admire about 20 of them.

“There is nothing more magnificent than “Mazowsze”. The Polish folk group has now begun its American tour. This is the eighth time since its establishment in 1948. There was a wonderfully rich and heart-warming performance on Saturday night in the Brooklyn Center for artists of Brooklyn’s school". [The New York Times]

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