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Latin America Academy
Cantoría | Xochixuicatl – songs from Spain, Mexico and Guatemala
7:00 PM
NFM, Chamber Hall

Xochixuicatl – songs from Spain, Mexico and Guatemala 

Anonymous Hanac pachap from Ritual formulario… (Lima, 1631)
Anonymous Riu, riu, chiu; Dadme albricias; Verbum caro; Dúo de canto de órgano en el sexto tono; Yo me soy la morenica; Falalalanlera from Cancionero de Uppsala (Venice, 1556)
M. Flecha el Viejo El jubilate from M 588/2 (Barcelona, end of 16th c.)
M. de Fuenllana Fantasía en sexto tono from Orphénica lyra (Seville, 1554)
Anonymous Serrana donde dormistes from Cancionero de Uppsala
M. Flecha el Viejo Teresica hermana from Cancionero de Uppsala
Anonymous Dúo de canto de órgano en primer tono from Cancionero de Uppsala
Anonymous Dios es ya nacido; Ytechnepa sacramento from manuscript US-BLI 07 (Guatemala, ca. 1595)
G. Fernandes Xicochi conetzintle (Oaxaca, ca. 1609)
M. Flecha el Viejo La bomba from Las ensaladas de Flecha (Prague 1581)

A. de Cabezón Tiento del VIII tono from Obras de musica para tecla, arpa y vihuela (Madrid, 1570)
F. Guerrero Prado verde y florido from Canciones y villanescas espirituales (Venice, 1589)
J. Vásquez Con qué la lavaré from Recopilación de sonetos y villancicos a quatro y a cinco voces (Seville, 1560)
M. Flecha el Viejo El fuego from Las ensaladas de Flecha
M. de Fuenllana Fantasía en primer tono from Orphénica lyra
H. Franco (?) Sancta Maria e yn il huicac; Dios itlaçonantzine cemiac (Mexico, 1599)
M. Flecha el Viejo La justa from Las ensaladas de Flecha
G. Fernandes Zagalejo de perlas (Oaxaca, ca. 1609; reconstruction: Á. Torrente)
Zarabanda (reconstruction: Á. Torrente; text: A. Becerro, 1494)
J. Arañés Vida bona from Libro segundo de tonos y villancicos (Rome, 1624; edition of the text by L. de Vega: M. Querol)

Time: [100']

Cantoria is a participant of international scholarship programme eeemerging (Emerging European Ensembles)









Inés Alonso – soprano
Samuel Tapia – countertenor
Jorge Losana – tenor, conductor
Valentín Miralles – bass

Pablo FitzGerald – vihuela, Baroque guitar
Joan Boronat – chest organ

NFM, Chamber Hall
plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław
from 25 to 50 zł

What did the newcomers sing at the times of the conquest of South America? What songs were heard in the courts of the governors, and what did servants hum while at work? How did melodies and rhythms, brought from the Iberian Peninsula, merge with local traditions in the New World? We will find out about it during the concert featuring the young and phenomenal Cantoría ensemble.

This vocal quartet from Catalonia perfroms songs from the so-called Spanish golden age, that is from the 17th century, the heyday of art both in Spain and in Spanish-controlled areas of Latin America. As befits an early music ensemble, Cantoría's members try to learn about and adopt historical performance practices as well as possible; above all they focus on the secrets of vocal techniques popular in Spain during the Renaissance. During the concerts, the group with youthful freshness emphasises the theatrical character of the Renaissance Spanish music and brings out its communication value.

Although the singers themselves are very young and have been active with the ensemble for only two years now, they have already become known as promising musicians and were invited to participate in the programme of the International Young Artist's Presentation in Belgium, took residence in the Cité de la Voix in France and became part of the Emerging European Ensembles – Eeemerging 2018 programme. As part of this project supporting ensembles at the start of their careers, Cantoría will perform – and study – during the Latin America Academy in Wrocław.

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