Małgorzata Podzielny
Artistic Director of the NFM Boys’ Choir and NFM Girls’ Choir

Assistant professor at the Faculty of Music Education, Choral Studies and Church Music of the Karol Lipiński Academy of Music in Wrocław; she graduated from this university in the Faculty of Music Education (in the conducting class of Maria Oraczewska-Skorek) and the Faculty of Composition, Conducting, Music Theory and Music Therapy (music theory). She also completed postgraduate choral studies in Bydgoszcz. She obtained diplomas with honours in all her specialties. Małgorzata Podzielny was a scholarship holder of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. For 20 years she was the conductor of the Con Brio Choir at the Grażyna Bacewicz First Degree Music School in Wrocław. Currently, she leads the Rondo Vocal Ensemble (since 2006) and is Artistic Director of the NFM Boys' Choir of the National Forum of Music (since 2009), as well as the NFM Girls’ Choir, established in September 2022.

In 2010, she obtained a doctoral degree, and in 2020 a postdoctoral degree. At her alma mater, she teaches a conducting class and methodology for conducting children's groups with vocal pedagogy.

In 2014, her book titled Shaping the Artistic Attitude of a Young Chorister published by the Academy of Music in Wrocław was published. She is Academic Director of the National and International Conferences on Working with Children’s Choirs, which resulted in the publication of two volumes titled Work with a Children's Choir (2019, 2023). Małgorzata Podzielny regularly conducts workshops and seminars devoted to working with children’s and youth choirs.

She has received 40 individual awards for her artistic and teaching achievements, including: the badge of Merit for Polish Culture, the 2nd degree Award of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, as well as the Bronze Cross of Merit. Her choirs have been prize-winners at 90 national and international competitions, during which they have received over 120 awards.

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