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Contact details

The Witold Lutosławski National Forum of Music

plac Wolności 1
50-071 Wrocław

Phone numbers and e-mail address:

Tickets: +48 71 715 97 00
Front Desk: tel. 71 71 59 796
Office: phone: +48 71 715 98 00, fax: +48 71 330 52 12

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National Forum of Music co-managed by the Minister of Culture, National Heritage and Sport, City of Wrocław and Lower Silesian Province, registered in Rejestr Instytucji Kultury run by the City of Wrocław as RIK 38/2014

REGON: 022414470
NIP: 897-179-86-77
Represented by:
Andrzej Kosendiak – Director
Bank account:
PKO Bank Polski
23 1020 5226 0000 6402 0322 9374



Andrzej Kosendiak

deputy directors

Olga Kończak
Deputy Director for Operations
Jarosław Thiel
Deputy Director for Programming


Giancarlo Guerrero
Artistic Director of NFM Wrocław Philharmonic
Joseph Swensen
Artistic Director of NFM Leopoldinum Orchestra
Jarosław Thiel
Artistic Director of Wrocław Baroque Orchestra
Małgorzata Podzielny
Artistic Director of NFM Boys' Choir
Lionel Sow
Artistic Director of NFM Choir

Artistic Managers, Artistic Directors of festivals and other artistic projects

Giovanni Antonini
Artistic Director of International Andrzej Markowski Festival Wratislavia Cantans
Piotr Turkiewicz
Artistic Director of Jazztopad Festival | Programme Coordinator for "World Music" and "Great Improvisation" series | International Collaborations
Paweł Hendrich
Artistic Director of Musica Polonica Nova Festival
Pierre Jodlowski
Artistic Director of Musica Electronica Nova Festival
Tomasz Dobrzański
Artistic Director of Forum Musicum Festival
Ernst Kovacic
Artistic Director of Leo Festival
Radosław Pujanek
Artistic Director of Chamber Concert series
Jerzy Adam Nowak
"World Music Workshop" Project Coordinator
Tomasz Głuchowski
NFM Organ Curator – Associate


Joanna Borek
Financial Adviser
Piotr Schmidt
Data Protection Officer - Associate


Katarzyna Harewska
Secretariat Coordinator
Anna Gabryluk

Assistants to Deputy Directors

Marta Piwowar-Wierzbicka
Assistant to Deputy Director for Operations
Olga Szęszoł
Assistant to Deputy Director for Programming


Natalia Klingbajl
Manager of NFM Wrocław Philharmonic - International Collaborations and Symphonic Programming Specialist
Dorota Żak
Coordinator of NFM Wrocław Philharmonic Artistic Activity
Agata Adamczyk
Manager of NFM Leopoldinum Orchestra
Agnieszka Wróblewska
Manager of Wrocław Baroque Orchestra
Izabela Grad
Manager of NFM Choir
Aleksandra Nowak
Manager of NFM Boys' Choir
Katarzyna Markowicz
Manager of Lutosławski Quartet - Associate
Joanna Bogdańska
Manager of West Side Sinfonietta, Wrocław Baroque Ensemble and Polish Cello Quartet

Events Coordinators and Producers Department

Martyna Hnatyszak
Head of Events Coordinators and Producers Department, Coordinator of Jazztopad Festival and Guest Orchestras Series
Jolanta Galary
Coordinator of International Andrzej Markowski Festival Wratislavia Cantans, Coordinator of Artistic Events Calendar
Oliwia Kosendiak
Producer, Coordinator of Chamber Concert Series
Katarzyna Jodlowski
Producer, Coordinator of Festivals: Musica Polonica Nova, Forum Musicum
Alicja Książek
Producer, Coordinator of Musica Electronica Nova Festival
Małgorzata Klajn-Bućko
Maria Lubczyńska-Machała
Olga Kwiatek
Michał Szczerek

Education and Outreach Department

Paweł Mazur
Head of Education and Outreach Department
Agnieszka Franków-Żelazny
Artistic Director of Choral Academy
Joanna Brylowska-Zapotoczna
Deputy Head of Education and Outreach for Choral Academy
Dorota Małolepsza
Choral Academy Project Sepcialist
Ira Terebenets
Choral Projects Specialist
Anna Musiał
Project Coordinator - Young People's Concerts, Family Concerts, Music Lessons at Schools
Wioleta Chodorowska
Choral Academy Officer
Kalina Rosińska
Educational Concerts Specialist
Agnieszka Grudzień
NFM Education Centre Assistant, NFM Education Centre Acting Coordinator
Anna Wilczyńska
"Mummy, Daddy, Sing to Me" Project Coordinator – Associate
Agnieszka Ostapowicz
Educational Programmes Specialist
Tomasz Kwieciński
Coordinator of NFM Orchestra Academy

Promotion Department

Kamila Janaszkiewicz-Kosendiak
Head of Promotion Department, Sales Department and Exhibition Coordinator
Wojciech Świerdzewski
Creative Graphic Designer
Marta Gliwińska
Creative Graphic Designer
Szymon Bira
Advertising Specialist, Exhibition Specialist
Marta Niedźwiecka
Publications Specialist
Anna Marks
International Collaborations Specialist, English Translator
Barbara Migurska
Recording Projects Associate Coordinator
Paweł Piotrowicz
Coordinator of Distribution of Advertising Materials
Łukasz Rajchert
Karol Sokołowski
Assistant Photographer
Bogusław Beszłej
Documentation and NFM Archives Specialist

Promotion Department: Communication Team

Katarzyna Darul
Coordinator of Communications Team
Jarosław Woźniak
Editor, Proofreader
Ludmiła Sawicka
Communication Specialist

Promotion Department - Internet Portals and Social Media Team

Agnieszka Truszkowska
Coordinator of Internet Portals and Social Media Team
Przemysław Świątek
Internet and Social Media Specialist

Promotion Department - Fundraising Team

Joanna Marszałek
Fundrasing Team Coordinator

Promotion Department - Press Office

Agnieszka Frei
Press Office Coordinator
Agnieszka Szachnowska-Cybulska
Deputy Press Office Coordinator

Sales department

Katarzyna Świtoń
Deputy Head of Sales Department
Alicja Szczepaniak
Sale Coordinator
Adrianna Hołdys
Customer Service Specialist
Nathalie Paprić
Customer Service Specialist
Aleksandra Zegar
Customer Service Specialist
Karolina Kostwicka
Sales Specialist
Małgorzata Woźnicka
Sales and Marketing Specialist

Sales Department - MICE Team

Sebastian Sroka
MICE Coordinator
Marta Pietraszek
MICE Deputy Coordinator
Krystian Barczyk
MICE Specialist

Technical Production Department

Ewa Schubert
Head of Technical Production Department
Rafał Kowalczyk
Projects Technical Coordinator
Marcin Piłat
Projects Technical Coordinator
Roksana Król
Administrative Specialist in Technical Production Department

Technical Production Department - Stage Mechanics and Service Team

Maciej Komorowski
Stage Mechanics and Service Team Coordinator
Ryszard Mazurkiewicz
Stage worker
Krystian Żychliński
Stage Service and Mechanics Specialist
Paweł Ptaszek
Stage Technician
Rafał Żelechowski
Stage Technician
Andrzej Wysmyk
Stage Technician
Mateusz Maziarz
Stage Technician
Klaudiusz Łuszczyna
Stage Service and Mechanics Specialist
Wojciech Kwinta
Stage worker

Technical Production Department - Sound Team

Piotr Papier
Sound Team Coordinator
Łukasz Myszyński
Sound and Stage Technician
Michał Święcki
Sound Specialist - Stage Technician
Piotr Rudnicki
Sound Technician
Aleksander Sobecki
Sound Technician
Rafał Skiba
Sound Specialist - Stage Technician

Technical Production Department - Lighting and Video Projections Team

Zbigniew Bodzek
Lighting and Video Projections Team Coordinator
Katarzyna Łasek
Lighting Technician
Tomasz Stypułkowski
Lighting Technician
Mikołaj Wolniewski
Lighting Technician
Michał Andruszewski
Lighting and Video Projections Technician
Bartosz Zarzycki
Lighting and Video Projections Technician

Facility Management Department

Marcin Zając
Head of Facility Management Department
Joanna Tyczyńska
Deputy Head of Facility Management Department
Andrzej Kurowski
Work Safety and Fire Fighting Specialist
Teresa Benedyczak
Joanna Pukienas
Karol Gawroński
Administration Officer
Maciej Kabała
Work Safety Specialist
Krzysztof Haremza
Chief Stockman
Maciej Tabisz
ICT Systems Administrator - Associate
Krzysztof Tabisz
ICT Administrator
Jakub Dąbrowski
ICT Team Assistant – Associate
Dominika Rudkowska-Kołakowska
Achive Specialist
Krzysztof Szymczak
Low Current Systems Service Specialist
Jakub Zienkiewicz
Electric and BMS Systems Specialist
Mirosław Sobiech
Low Current Installations Specialist
Roman Pukalski
Maintenance Technician
Jacek Bukowiecki
Low Current Installations Associate Specialist
Marcin Kubera
Cleaning Team Coordinator
Wojciech Zasadziński
Low Current Inslallations Specialist

Controlling and Settlement Team

Anna Maciałek
Controlling and Settlement Team Coordinator
Agnieszka Tracz
Controlling and Settlement Specialist
Małgorzata Kuźmińska
Controlling and Settlement Specialist
Paulina Golc
Controlling and Settlement Specialist

Public Procurement Team

Karolina Wąsowicz
Public Procurement Coordinator
Jędrzej Gajowiak
Public Procurement Specialist
Daniela Kretek
Public Procurement Specialist

Human Resources Department

Wioletta Stasik
Head of Human Resources Department
Halina Piecka
Human Resources and Labour Specialist
Małgorzata Gimbut
Payroll specialist
Agnieszka Szklarczuk-Wach
Salary, Tax and Social Security Coordinator
Marta Sokołowska
Human Resources and Payroll Specialist
Jolanta Drozdowska
Human Resources and Payroll Specialist

Ushers Team

Joanna Wagner-Zadorska
Chief Usher
Paulina Stechnij
Assistant Chief Usher

Events Logistics Team

Renata Puczyńska
Coordinator of Events Logistics Team
Barbara Woźniak
Events Logistics Officer
Żaneta Kicińska
Events Logistics Cooperation

Accounting Department

Jolanta Wiewiórska
Chief Accountant
Monika Mały
Deputy Chief Accountant
Elżbieta Matczak
Accountant for Financial Settlements
Anna Opala
Fixed Assets Accountant
Agata Błędowska
Reporting Accountant
Małgorzata Korysławska

NFM – City of Wrocław institution of culture co-managed by:

Wdrożenie e-usług w Filharmonii im. Witolda Lutosławskiego we Wrocławiu - etap 2 współfinansowany jest przez Unię Europejską ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego dla województwa dolnośląskiego na lata 2007 - 2013 oś priorytetowa 6. Wykorzystanie i promocja potencjału turystycznego o kulturalnego Dolnego Śląska (Turystyka i Kultura), działanie 6.5. Działania wspierające infrastrukturę turystyczną i kulturową.