fotos z filmu Cyrk
fotos z filmu Cyrk
Musica Electronica Nova
4:00 PM
Wrocław, Cinema Nowe Horyzonty

The Circus, dir. Charles Chaplin (1928)



Małe Instrumenty: Paweł Romańczuk, Tomek Szczepaniak

Wrocław, Cinema Nowe Horyzonty
ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 19a-21
from 30 to 45 zł

In his films, Chaplin did not shy away from showing the brutal of the world. His protagonist, thanks to his cheerfulness, is always able to get out of the dire straits. While escaping from a policeman, Tramp accidentally ends up in a circus arena, exciting applause from the audience. The director of the circus (Al Ernest Garcia) decides to hire him as a janitor, hoping that he will make the audience laugh at the same time. Thus, Tramp becomes a “professional” comedian. Yet the atmosphere in the circus is far from calm. The principal bullies his niece (Merna Kennedy) and keeps her from thinking about marrying a tightrope walker. Infatuated with the girl, Tramp decides to help the couple by giving the circus act of all time. His acrobatics on a tightrope, with four monkeys, a bicycle and his pants at his ankles, has been making even those who don't like slapstick laugh for almost a hundred years.

The Circus is also the only film by Charlie Chaplin for which he received a Special Award from the American Film Academy, in addition to a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Actor.

Live music will be played by
Small Instruments: Paweł Romańczuk, Tomek Szczepaniak

Small Instruments
A Wrocław-based music group founded in 2007 and led by Paweł Romańczuk. He focuses his research on unusual sound sources, small objects, unique instruments and his own sound constructions. The band records albums, music for films and plays, gives concerts, conducts workshops, lectures and organises exhibitions devoted to the culture of musical instruments.

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