Family Concerts
Welcome to Our Fairy Tale
12:30 PM
NFM, Main Hall

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Małgorzata Podzielny – dyrygentka
Chór Chłopięcy NFM
Chór Dziewczęcy NFM
Zespół Wokalny „Rondo”
Chór NFM
Lionel Sow – kierownictwo artystyczne Chóru NFM
NFM Orkiestra Leopoldinum
Michał Giersztof – prowadzenie koncertu

60 minut
NFM, Main Hall
plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław
from 30 to 55 zł

Welcome to Our Fairy Tale is an extraordinary concert. We will spend time with Professor Ambrosius Blot and his students. The Academy, located at Plac Wolności, attended by students of Mr Blot, is a magical, intriguing and positive place. Children feel very happy here. Running around the building and opening the doors to the halls, they fall into the arms of a new musical adventure. They learn to sing, play instruments, express joy in dancing. And most importantly, they come into contact with live music. Mr Blot watches every child and rewards his pupils with colorful freckles for exemplary behavior and learning success. Will we get freckles too?

Mr Blot has prepared a lot of musical surprises for us. During the concert, the Boys' Choir, the Girls' Choir and the “Rondo” Vocal Ensemble will perform, accompanied by the NFM Leopoldinum Chamber Orchestra. In their performance, we will hear, among others, the colourful Mr Blot’s Academy Suite.

Welcome to Our Fairy Tale is a concert during which we will hear about what voice emission is. We will find out why gymnastics is done during singing lessons and what the best body posture for singing is. We will learn to breathe properly and perform musical expression exercises. Songs from the children’s repertoire will lead us through the sound world of music and will open us up to spontaneous fun together.


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