Jerzy „Wilk” Kaczmarek Quartet – Wolf's Snare
7:00 PM
NFM, Red Hall

We Are Building a House


Jerzy „Wilk” Kaczmarek Quartet:
Jerzy „Wilk” Kaczmarek – piano
Tomasz Pruchnicki – saxophone
Tomasz Wilczyński – double bass
Jakub Jugo – drums

NFM, Red Hall
plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław
from 30 to 75 zł

Wilcze sidła (Wolf’s Snare) on the stage of the National Forum of Music will enchant you with the energy of jazz and one-and-only atmosphere of the legendary jazz club “Rura”, a sentimental journey to the 1980s. The vitality and imaginative improvisations of younger members of Jerzy “Wilk” Kaczmarek’s group and masterful compositions of the band's leader are a recipe for unforgettable musical experiences.

Wolf’s Snare was created in the difficult period of the 1980s on the initiative of the excellent pianist Jerzy “Wilk” Kaczmarek, joined by bassist Marek Błaszczyk, drummer Jacek Ratajczyk and saxophone player Władysław Kwaśnicki. From the beginning, the band was associated with the Wrocław jazz club “Rura”, bringing colour and a breath of fresh air to the gloomy reality of the period of martial law. Today, the band plays in a different line-up, but the joy and energy contained in the jazz flow have remained unchanged.

Currently, the characteristic sound of the group consists of Kaczmarek’s compositional imagination and technical perfection, the rhythmic inventions of bassist Grzegorz Piasecki and drummer Jakub Jugo, and the sometimes warm and lyrical, sometimes sharp and penetrating saxophone sound of Tomasz Wendt.

We are building a house is a new project of the quartet, enthusiastically received by the concert audience. Its name comes from Kaczmarek’s work written in the 1980s, referring to the events and atmosphere of the Solidarity uprising. Each of the members of Wolf’s Snare adds his own sensitivity to the classic compositions of the band’s pianist, ever free in jazz creation.

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