Jazztopad Festival
Jazz morning kids: instruments live and on the screen
10:00 AM
Cinema Nowe Horyzonty

 Animations with live music and workshops. 

The cartoon characters try playing various instruments. Will they make it and discover new talents?  Mieszkaniec zegara z kurantem - Koncertmistrz, Pomysłowy Dobromir - Muzyczne popołudnie, Jacek Śpioszek - a music lesson, Przygody Bolka i Lolka - Muzykanci

The workshop will be run by Joanna Strzyżewska

Cinema Nowe Horyzonty
ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 19a-21, Wrocław

For kids – animated films with live music and workshops
The morning events are Jazztopad’s offer for the youngest music lovers. In the New Horizons Cinema there will be screenings and live music for the films will be played by outstanding jazz musicians from Wroclaw. The meetings will be built around different subjects. The plots of the films will interweave with an imagination-stimulating musical tale created on an ad hoc basis, which will lead the young audience into the (possibly previously unknown) world of sound.
Apart from that, after each screening we would like to welcome you to the workshops for children 4 years old and above. The workshops combine games involving physical movement with art and art therapy.
For more details: www.kinonh.pl


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