Germination, fot. archiwum projektu
Musica Electronica Nova – installations
Germination: Installation – sound show
1:00 PM
plac Wolności

Jean-Luc Hervé (1960) Germination concert-installation  landscape architecture and electronics (2013)

Project co-organized by:
WRO  Art Centre and the Landscape Architecture Institute of the Wrocław University of Natural Sciences


Jean-Luc Hervé – music and installation concept
IRCAM-Centre Pompidou – electronics
Serge Lemouton – IRCAM Computer music designer  

Landscape Architecture Institute of the University of Natural Sciences in Wrocław:
dr inż. arch. Justyna Rubaszek, dr inż. arch. Magdalena Zienowicz, mgr inż. arch. kraj. Magdalena Subocz – landscape installation and and its realization on the basis of the award-winning concept of Magdalena Subocz

plac Wolności

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