On tour
Treasures of Polish music of the 17th and 18th centuries
8:15 PM
Voorschoten, Holandia

Treasures of Polish music of the 17th and 18th centuries

M. Leopolita, A. Jarzębski, M. Mielczewski, B. Pękiel, D. Stachowicz, S.S. Szarzyński, A. Milwid, G.G. Gorczycki

Andrzej Kosendiak – conductor
Students of the Hague Royal Conservatory: 
Aldona Bartnik, Bethany Shepherd – sopranos
Laura Lopes – alto
Tigran Matinyan – tenor
Hidde Kleikamp – bass
Fumiko Morie, Noyuri Hazama – violins          
George Ross – cello                      
Evan Buttar – viola da gamba        
Jesse Feves – violone           
Danny Teong, Petr Jurášek – trumpets 
Talía Franco –harpsichord, chest organ
Punto Bawono – theorbo   
Voorschoten, Holandia
Sfinansowano ze środkow:
‘May with Early Music’ Festival
Wrocław Baroque Ensemble
7:00 PM
Collegiate Church of the Holy Cross and St Bartholomew

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