Cezary Duchnowski / fot. Tomasz Kulak
Musica Polonica Nova
7:00 PM
NFM, Black Hall

P. Bednarczyk Nervous for instrumental trio (viola, cello an piano) and for electronics with actor  **
K. Dziewiątkowska Leżenia for viola, cello, piano and electronics with actor to a text by M. Białoszewski **
C. Duchnowski Początek –  audition for lector and computer (text: P. Jasek)
J.A. Wichrowski Aphorisme per pianoforte – selection  Rubajaty  for cello and actor to a text by   O. Chajjam – selection
S. Kupczak Wrażliwe dane  for viola, cello and piano **
J. Sotomski Seks i przemoc for actor and computer ** In collaboration with and dedicated  to Krzysztof Brzazgoń
T. Skweres Transformations for cello, Guillotine for cello
G. Wierzba Light stream,  a trio for viola, cello and piano **



Marlena Grodzicka-Myślak – viola
Jakub Myślak – cello
Gracjan Szymczak – piano
Krzysztof Brzazgoń – actor, voice

NFM, Black Hall
plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław
from 5 to 20 zł

@Grodzicka-Myślak @Myślak @Szymczak @Brzazgoń @Bednarczyk @Dziewiątkowska @Duchnowski @Wichrowski @Kupczak @Sotomski @Wierzba @Skweres
#ZKPWrocław #ChamberMusic #actor #electronics

Is music a speech of sounds or perhaps a speech of letters? A collaboration of an actor with Wrocław-based composers has resulted in new work combining speech, one of the primeval human vocalisations with one of the newest media – electronics.

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31. Musica Polonica Nova | trailer

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