La Compagnia del Madrigale/ fot. Giorgio Vergnano
Wratislavia Cantans
Monteverdi – Madrigali guerrieri et amorosi | Krotoszyn
7:30 PM
Krotoszyn, Church of St John the Baptist

Salamone Rossi Sinfonia a 3  from Il primo libro delle sinfonie e gagliarde… (1607)
Claudio Monteverdi A quest'olmo SV 119 from Il settimo libro de madrigali (1619)
Addio Florida bella SV 110 from Il sesto libro de madrigali (1614)
Giovanni Battista Buonamente Sinfonia sesta from Il quinto libro de varie sonate, sinfonie, gagliarde, corrente, e ariette (1629)                            
Claudio Monteverdi Vago augelletto SV 156 from Madrigali guerrieri, et amorosi, … libro ottavo (1638)
Claudio Monteverdi Cruda Amarilli SV 94 from Il quinto libro de madrigali (1605)
Biagio Marini Sinfonia quinta from Sonate, symphonie … e retornelli op. 8 (1629)
Claudio Monteverdi Hor che’l ciel e la terra SV 147 from Madrigali guerrieri, et amorosi, … libro ottavo (1638)
Biagio Marini Sinfonia prima from Sonate, symphonie … e retornelli op. 8 (1629)
Claudio Monteverdi Altri canti di Marte SV 155 from Madrigali guerrieri, et amorosi, … libro ottavo (1638)
Claudio Monteverdi Dolcissimo uscignolo SV 161 from Madrigali guerrieri, et amorosi, … libro ottavo (1638)
Francesco Cavalli Passacaglia dalla Canzon a 3 from Musiche sacre concernenti messa, e salmi concertati con istromenti, imni, antifone et sonate (1656) 
Claudio Monteverdi Lamento della ninfa SV 163 from Madrigali guerrieri, et amorosi, … libro ottavo (1638)
Francesco Turini Gagliarda a 3 from Madrigali con alcune sonate, libro I (1621)
Claudio Monteverdi Tirsi e Clori SV 145 from Il settimo libro de madrigali (1619)


La Compagnia del Madrigale:
Rossana Bertini, Monica Piccinini – sopranos
Elena Carzaniga – contralto
Giuseppe Maletto, Raffaele Giordani – tenors
Daniele Carnovich – bass
Anaïs Chen, Claudia Combs – violins
Luca Guglielmi – harpsichord
Franco Pavan – theorbo
Cristiano Contadin – viola da gamba

Krotoszyn, Church of St John the Baptist
ul. Farna 10, 63-700 Krotoszyn

This concert takes us to a world ruled by Cupid and Venus – the world of falling in love, violent gusts of heart, the idyll and sweet tortures of love. The madrigals on love and war by Claudio Monteverdi, a master of the genre, will be performed by real experts – the Italian vocal group La Compagnia del Madrigale.

Monteverdi created madrigals from his youth to the end of his career, and his top achievement is the 8th Book of Madrigals, presented during this concert, published in 1638, containing pieces on love and war. Let us not be fooled by the title ‘war’ (‘guerrieri’), depicted in music through numerous battle effects – a jocular metaphor of the struggle of the heart attacked with Cupid's arrows. Monteverdi's madrigals are a conversation. They were sung in the lively courts of Renaissance Italy, where the art of conversation was necessary for every courtier. The voices in madrigals give each other and take away from each other fragments of poetic text, stop at some words and repeat the most important concepts. We have the impression of endless singing, because when one of the voices needs to take a breath, the melody is taken over by another one. In Monteverdi's time, modern theatre was born and the composer masterfully included stage tricks in his music. Most of the madrigals from the 8th Book are small dramatic scenes – with the representation of heroes, the development of plot, dialogues and conflicts, and a denouement. The dramaturgy is built by the rhythm, skilful use of dissonances, contrasts, tensions, exaggeration, as well as a musical sense of humour typical of the Renaissance.

Apparently, Claudio Monteverdi emanated nobility and charmed with modesty of life devoted entirely to music. For all his merits, one would have vainly sought his name in concert programmes still in the first half of the 20th century. Fortunately, thanks to the work of, among others, ensembles such as La Compagnia del Madrigale, the Monteverdi madrigals are becoming more and more popular, so we can enjoy his pleasurable work also during Wratislavia Cantans. We invite you on a journey to bedazzling Renaissance palaces, where among the works of art and elaborate costumes in the splendour of the Mediterranean sun resounded music showing the spirit of the Renaissance – full of individuality, passion and aspiration to greatness.

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