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December 2020
6:00 PM
Red Hall
plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław

Smiling Songs | cancelled


Artur Barciś – host
Dominika Głowacka – vocal
Maja Podzielny – vocal
Jan Szymeczek – vocal
Miłosz Graboń – vocal
Mateusz Słocki – vocal
Artur Rudnicki – vocal
Maciej Adamczyk – vocal & reciting
Martyna Bulińska – vocal & reciting
Agnieszka Grudzień – vocal & reciting
Barbara Piotrowska – vocal & reciting
Tomasz Kaczmarek – piano
Żenia Betliński – double bass
Wojciech Buliński – drums
Maurycy Wójciński – trumpet
Mateusz Rybicki – clarinet, saxophone
Marcin Ciupidro – vibraphone
Małgorzata Podzielny – coach to the young performers


Psotne piórko (music and lyrics by Barbara Ciupidro)
Karuzela (music and lyrics by Barbara Ciupidro)
Rak (traditional)
Zoo (music and lyrics by Marcin Ciupidro)
Kot (lyrics by Marcin Ciupidro)
Parasol (music and lyrics by Barbara Ciupidro)
Entliczek (traditional)
Ciało moje (music and lyrics by Barbara Ciupidro)
Siała baba mak (traditional)
Auto (music and lyrics by Barbara Ciupidro)
Lew (lyrics by Marcin Ciupidro)
Alfabet (lyrics by Marcin Ciupidro)
Ślimak (traditional)
Laurka dla mamy (music and lyrics by Barbara Ciupidro)
Idzie kominiarz (traditional)
Brudny miś (music and lyrics by Barbara Ciupidro)
Podwórkowa rozmowa (lyrics by Marcin Ciupidro)
Kropelka (music and lyrics by Barbara Ciupidro)
Wpadła gruszka (traditional)
Eko-Staszek (music and lyrics by Marcin Ciupidro)
Tydzień (music and lyrics by Marcin Ciupidro)
Balonik (traditional)
Pośpiewaj mi… (music and lyrics by Marcin Ciupidro)

In 2020, the project Mummy, Daddy, Sing to Me is celebrating its tenth anniversary. Inspired by specialists, midwives from birthing schools and people of other professions, we have recorded the album entitled Smiling Songs with the participation of not only great musicians,  but also singing parents. Hence the idea for an anniversary concert - to share these wonderful songs live. We hope that our concert and album will become an impulse for parents to show the beauty of music to their children. As  NFM Director Andrzej Kosendiak says: "(...) music can show the way when we want to bring up a wise and righteous person".



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