Musica Electronica Nova
AKUSMA FORUM – WROCŁAW | Canti Spazializzati #12
6:00 PM
NFM, Black Hall

Marta Śniady W biały, biały dzień for electronics and video (2021/2023) *
Mateusz Śmigasiewicz MONOLIT (2023) *   
Aleksandra Słyż Iridescence (2020)
Robert PiotrowiczI Donʼt Know What Kind of Piece It Is Going to Be (2020)

* premiere


Daniel Brożek – curator, electronics
Marta Śniady – electronics, videe
Mateusz Śmigasiewicz – electronics

50 min
NFM, Black Hall
plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław
from 20 to 30 zł

This concert of the Musica Electronica Nova festival will be held as part of the Canti Spazializzati series, which has been running since 2018. The area of interest of the artists involved is the theory and practice of experimental music, and the concept of spatialising compositions written for multi-channel sound systems. The cycle combines the idea of presenting new music projects with building a platform for collaborations between young musicians, composers, and sound artists.

Four pieces will be performed. The first of them will be W biały, biały dzień by Marta Śniady, born in 1986. She decided to reflect on the currently performed rituals, which have their origins in the past, and in the contemporary world – in her opinion – have become simplified and secularised. In the description of the work, Śniady explains: “[…] I decided to focus on old Slavic rituals and myths that use the image of a woman. I was especially fascinated by the figure of the witch, who is usually a tool of women’s exclusion, but sometimes also their weapon in the fight against patriarchy.

MONOLIT is a multi-channel electronic composition created in 2023. The work explores the counterpoint of low-frequency sounds and thus attempts to blur the line between the categories of rhythmic and pitch phenomena. Space becomes an additional parameter that allows this polyphonic sound formation to resonate.

The phenomenon of iridescence, also known as rainbowing, consists in the formation of rainbow colours on surfaces consisting of several layers, each of which has different optical properties. You can observe it on soap bubbles, butterfly wings, in clouds or... on a petrol stain spilled on the road. This interested the composer Aleksandra Słyż, and as a result a work entitled Iridescence was created, which is “a sonic interpretation of the perception of this optical phenomenon”.

The last piece in the programme will be I Don't Know What Kind of Piece It Is Going to Be by Robert Piotrowicz. The author raises the issue of the visibility of sound. The inspiration to write this composition was an illness that plagued Friedrich Nietzsche in the last years of his life.

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