Jazz & World Music
Tomek Dąbrowski & Istnienia Poszczególne
8:00 PM
NFM, Main Hall, reversed stage

The Great Improvisation


Tomasz Dąbrowski – trumpet, electronics
Jan Emil Młynarski – electronic and jazz percussion
Max Mucha – double bass
Ireneusz Wojtczak  – tenor and soprano sax
Grzegorz Tarwid  – piano, moog
Fredrik Lundin  – tenor sax
Knut Finsrud  – jazz percussion

NFM, Main Hall, reversed stage
plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław
from 45 to 65 zł

The main idea of the Istnienia Poszczególne (Individual Existences) group is to work with individualities, and the project itself is dedicated to the memory of one of the most important musicians on the Polish and European jazz scene –Tomasz Stańko. The artists set themselves the task of paying tribute to his approach to jazz and improvised music.

As Tomasz Dąbrowski emphasises, in collaboration with Tomasz Stańko, he became convinced that it was necessary for an artist to cultivate their individuality, create groups that provide the opportunity to seek new means of expression, and skillfully develop and expand their artistic language and possibilities of musical expression so that they are strong and independent. In his works, Tomasz Dąbrowski looks for separateness, originality and creativity, because, as he says, there is a huge potential demanding ongoing updates and strength in his compositions, which he tries to give a non-obvious direction in his work.

The name of the project Istnienia Poszczególne refers to a statement by Tomasz Stańko, who in his Desperado autobiography said about himself: “I don’t feel lonely. I am Individual Existence. This definition by Witkacy suits me very well. No union, no group, no patriotism, only Individual Existence I am Polish, I was born here, I speak this language, I am deeply connected with this land, but in general I feel the most to be just Tomasz Stańko. Individual Existence. I am a unique set of atoms, there is no other like me in the world, in space. I'm going".

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