Sílvia Pérez Cruz / fot. César Lucadamo
Sílvia Pérez Cruz / fot. César Lucadamo
Jazz & World Music
Sílvia Pérez Cruz
6:00 PM
NFM, Red Hall

World Music


Sílvia Pérez Cruz  – voice and guitars
Bori Albero  – double bass
Carlos Monfort – violin

NFM, Red Hall
plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław
from 55 to 85 zł

Recorded in 2019, Farsa (género imposible) results from Sílvia’s restlessness to the ambiguity between what we are and what we show. To see how our inner fragility survives in these days of exterior devastation where what we see can be confused with what we hear, where things that can seem visually rich can be really empty. Void. A lie.
The word farce comes from French farsiment. During the intermissions of the comedies at King Louis XVI’s court, some comediants were hired to entertain the audience with different activites, generally satirical and burlesque performances. With time, a “farsante” has evolved into an impostor, a person who “fills in”, a liar.

In this work Sílvia sings her own compositions interacting with other art disciplines like cinema or theatre, wishing to expand life. Theatre is often considered as the place for deception. This idea is not totally mistaken. Those who lie know they are doing so. One cannot lie without being aware. The same happens when acting: we must know we are acting. But unlike the lie that is born to try and hide something, theatre seeks to find sense in life.
In theatre, when this happens, we see that the mask becomes the skin, that what we do is what we are, at least during the time that the gesture on stage lasts.

Each and every song of this recording is going to be the invitation into a world, a journey from the inside to the bestial cry, from being closed in a cell later unexpectedly missed, to dancing against pain, or the words from our childhood bringing back dreams in all the tones of eskimo’s whites.

And it is beautiful to listen to how Sílvia changes with every song. How every song changes her. It is understanding that all of us can change and let ourselves be changed. We can be other people, we can be endless. Through  the farsa we can be born again and be transformed in an act of generosity. We can hand ourselves over because the relationship has changed us.
This is why every song is also going to be a question about truth. If a single sound, mysterious, can reveal unsepakable things to our bodies, what can happen when this sound becomes a song? When the words become a body and transform us? Is this not a true jolt? Is it not that every song we sing is also a little space from where we try to understand the world?


World Music
7:00 PM
NFM, Red Hall

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