Marek Toporowski / fot. Magdalena Hałas
Marek Toporowski / fot. Magdalena Hałas
Musica Polonica Nova
9:00 PM
NFM, Chamber Hall

Grażyna Pstrokońska-Nawratil Landmannalaugar Sonata for two flutes and harpsichord (2019)
Tomasz Skweres Erdschatten for baroque flute and harpsichord – version for modern transverse flute and harpsichord** (2022)
Piotr Drożdżewski, Grzegorz Wierzba, Anna Porzyc, Katarzyna Dziewiątkowska, Ryszard Klisowski, Adam Porębski, Mateusz Ryczek Poloness – suite for flutes and harpsichord** (2022)


Łukasz Długosz – flutes
Agata Kielar-Długosz – flutes
Marek Toporowski – harpsichord

NFM, Chamber Hall
plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław
from 10 to 25 zł

The concert programme features works by artists associated with the Wrocław Branch of the Polish Composers’ Union. The line-up of each of them - Landmannalaugur Sonata, Erdschatten and the eponymous Poloness – will feature a flute and a harpsichord, instruments used in early music, the importance of which is also gradually increasing in the context of the contemporary music scene. These compositions can therefore be read as a kind of bridge between the past and the future.

The evening will begin with the sounds of Landmannalaugur Sonata for two flutes and a harpsichord by Grażyna Pstrokońska-Nawratil – composer and teacher working in Wrocław, and once educated in Paris under the supervision of Olivier Messiaen and Pierre Boulez. The work, in which the artist refers to Icelandic landscapes, belongs to her original series Reportages that she has been composing since 2009, based on the idea of ​​capturing the audio sphere and beauty of a given landscape. The sonata will be preceded by a piece by Tomasz Skweres, Erdschatten, the title of which refers to the phenomenon of the Earth casting a shadow on the atmosphere, often observed at sunrise and sunset as a dark band near the horizon on the opposite side of the sky. The instruments – flute and harpsichord – allowed the composer to skillfully manipulate the sound, imitating changes in light intensity.

 The highlight of the concert will be Poloness – a collective composition by Piotr Drożdżewski, Grzegorz Wierzba, Anna Porzyc, Katarzyna Dziewiątkowska, Ryszard Klisowski, Adam Porębski and Mateusz Ryczek. It is, in fact, a suite, each movement of which was created by one composer from Wrocław. Its form was inspired by musical dance forms, the Polish national dance, i.e. the polonaise, which is a kind of idiom guiding the entire work. Poloness thus combines the tradition of the suite and new means of expression woven into its musical layer.


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