Il Giardino Armonico / fot. Łukasz Rajchert
Il Giardino Armonico / fot. Łukasz Rajchert
Wratislavia Cantans
Il viaggio dei Bassano
5:00 PM
Wrocław, White Stork Synagogue

Josquin des Prez L’homme armé – canon à 4 from Canti B numero cinquanta (Wenecja 1503); La Spagna à 5
Heinrich Isaac La my from MS Henry VIII
Anonymous La Spagna à 2 (1494)  
Anonymous Consort IX from MS Henry VIII
Hayne van Ghizeghem De tous bien plaine from Harmonice Musices Odhecaton A (Venice 1501)
Roelkin (Rodolphus Agricola?) De tous bien plaine from the manuscript Cancionero de Segovia
Alexander Agricola Tandernaken from  Canti C numero cento cinquanta (Venice 1504)
William Cornysh Fa la sol; Consort VII from MS Henry VIII
Alexander Agricola Fortuna desperata à 6
Giuseppe Guami Canzone à 4 „L’Accorta” from Partidura per sonare delle Canzonette alla Francese (Venice 1601)  
Anonymous T’Andernaken (Royal Danish Library, Copenhagen)
William Brade Der Pilligrienen Tanz     
Augustine Bassano Galiarda                       
William Brade Der Hasen Tantz  
Anthony Holborne Pavana „The Funeralls” and Galliard à 5 from Pavans, Galliards, Almains and other Short Aeirs (London 1599)
William Brade Courante (Hamburg 1617)
Giuseppe Guami La cromatica (Venice 1601)     
William Cornysh Ah Robin, gentle Robin from MS Henry VIII
John Baldwin A Browninge of 3 Voc.     
William Brade Ein Scottish Tantz; Rotschenken Tanz; Die Nachtigall (Hamburg 1617)
Jacob van Eyck Engels Nachtegaeltje for solo recorder (Amsterdam 1646)
Tarquinio Merula Canzon „La lusignola”, Op. 1 No. 2 (Venice 1615)   
Giovanni Bassano Diminuzioni su Introduxit me rex del Palestrina (Venice 1585)    
Samuel Scheidt Canzon à 5 ad imitationem Bergamasca Anglica SSWV 64 (Hamburg 1621)   


Il Giardino Armonico:
Giovanni Antonini – recorders, transverse flutes, artistic direction
Priska Comploi –  recorders, pommer
Giulia Genini – recorders, dulcian
Andrea Inghisciano – cornett
Carles Cristobal – dulcian
Emily White – trombone
Riccardo Doni – chest organ

85 min
Wrocław, White Stork Synagogue
ul. Pawła Włodkowica 7, Wrocław
from 55 to 90 zł

Giovanni Antonini and Il Giardino Armonico band will tell the story of the Bassano family with sounds. It was a family of Venetian Jews, painters, musicians and instrument builders, who moved from Venice to England in the 16th century.

No compositions by artists belonging to the first generation of the Bassano family have survived to our times. We only know works written by representatives of later generations. The family lived in Venice, but when the publicity about their craftsmanship reached England, King Henry VIII, a great lover of music, decided to bring them to his court. The Doge of Venice, who did not want to lose such excellent artists, protested their decision to move out, but the conditions proposed by the British monarch were so good that Bassano moved.

The aim of Giovanni Antonini and the musicians of Il Giardino Armonico is to try to recreate the repertoire performed by members of the Bassano family and revive the art of improvisation for which they were famous. We will hear masterpieces of Flemish music, including one of the works of Josquin Desprez, described as “the prince of musicians”, as well as much later works by English composers active in the times of William Shakespeare. The programme also includes two works by representatives of the Bassano family – the Galiardo composed by Augustine and Diminuzioni su Introduxit me rex by Giovanni. For Giovanni Antonini, the inspiration for starting work on this project was the treatise La Fontegara (1535) by the Venetian Silvester Ganassi. This musician and theorist described in detail the rules governing improvisation, especially those concerning rhythm. His work was also based on the observations of members of the Bassano family. These materials are also extremely inspiring for contemporary performers, and Antonini even compares them to… jazz!


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