Julia Karpeta fot. Łukasz Rajchert
Musica Polonica Nova
Sound Gallery – Viola da gamba
5:30 PM
NFM, foyer+4

Alina Błońska Tombeau pour Pologne for solo viola da gamba (2012)
Przemysław Michalak Sette corde del mondo for solo viola da gamba  (2018)

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Julia Karpeta – viola da gamba

NFM, foyer+4
plac Wolności 1, Wrocław

During Julia Karpeta's recital we will hear two pieces written in the 21st century for an instrument usually associated with early music. Alina Błońska's composition refers to a musical genre commonly found in the 17th century repertoire for this instrument. "Tombeau" in French means "grave, tombstone", and works of this type served to commemorate the memory of the distinguished dead. This time, however, it is not about commemorating a specific person, but about paying tribute to the whole nation – Poland and all the Poles who over the centuries have fought heroically for the independence of their homeland. Przemysław Michalak, in turn, the author of Sette corde del mondo, wanted to capture in his composition the landscapes of various corners of the world. Here is his message: Dear listener, you have a difficult task ahead of you. Close your eyes, listen to the music. Let your imagination take you to the right place. Let the music decide for itself along which path it will take you!

Admision free. You do not need entry tickets for events planned in the NFM foyer.
The project is a part of the Sound Gallery – a special event of the Musica Polonica Nova festival.

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