Musica Polonica Nova
Sound Gallery – Random Check III
4:00 PM
NFM, Red Hall / foyer-3

Before the start of the first event of Random Check III:
Adam Porębski (music), Angelika Iżykowska (video) Sol Invictus β

4 pm
Adam Porębski (music), Angelika Iżykowska (video) Sol Invictus α
Chelsea Loew (music), Alperen Şahin (video) Made of and unto
6.30 pm
Marcin Rupociński (music), Maja Wolińska (video) Random Check 3
7.30 pm
Krzysztof Rau (music), Dominika Siemińska, Karyna Baratava, Dominik Podsiadły (video) Description of the flight 2933
8.30 pm
Maciek Michaluk (music), Bartosz Radzikowski (video) b)))))))
9.30 pm
Agata Zemla (music), Aleksandra Trojanowska (video) Korelacje
10.30 pm
Olgierd Żemojtel (music), Michał Bednarski, Paweł Masin (video) 1+1=
Berenika Wojnar (music), Patrycja Maciaszek (wideo / video) Na moich oczach rodzi się potwór
Information projected in the foyer – Tomasz Ostaszewski (video)
The original ceramic instruments used in the piece by Chelsea Loew were made thanks to the kind assistance of the Ceramics and Glass Departament of the E. Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław.

In partnership with: E. Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław and K. Lipiński Academy of Music in Wrocław

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Intercollegiate music-and-video project 
Initiator:  Marcin Rupociński 
Curators: Maja Wolińska, Marcin Rupociński 

6.30 pm 
Maja Wolińska - video
Marcin Rupociński – computer

7.30 pm 
Krzysztof Rau, Dominika Siemińska, Karyna Baratava – computer

 8.30 pm
Adam Wielicki, Wojciech Giłka – bass trombone 
Hubert Bałdyga – tuba
Maciek Michaluk, Bartosz Radzikowski – controllers 

9.30 pm 
Agata Zemla, Aleksandra Trojanowska – computer

10.30 pm 
Olgierd Żemojtel, Michał Bednarski, Paweł Masin – computer (1+1=)
Anna Sienicka – voice 
Arek Drzyzga – electric guitar 
Jakub Jugo – percussion 
Berenika Wojnar, Patrycja Maciaszek – computer (Na moich oczach rodzi się potwór)

NFM, Red Hall / foyer-3
plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław

Random Check III is the next edition of an intercollegiate, interdisciplinary artistic project, created thanks to the involvement of young artists (mainly students and PhD candidates) representing Wrocław's Academy of Music and the Academy of Fine Arts. Each edition of the project produces a number of new audiovisual compositions performed live. Random Check has so far performed at the Sacrum Profanum and Audio Art festivals, as well as – in a more intimate setting – at the Center for Audiovisual Technologies in Wrocław. In 2021, the creators of the project were awarded the Silesia Cultural Award of Lower Silesia.

The number of seats for projects to be held in the NFM concert halls and other spaces is subject to availability. Entry tickets with free admission will be distributed before a given event, at the entrance to the hall. No advance bookings of entry tickets.
The project is a part of the Sound Gallery – a special event of the Musica Polonica Nova festival.


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