Paweł Romańczuk
Paweł Romańczuk
Musica Polonica Nova
Internal Visit – installation
6:00 PM
NFM, foyer +2

Internal visit – Six-channel sound installation for mechanic and digital media and performative interventions 


Paweł Romańczuk – idea, performance

NFM, foyer +2
plac Wolności 1, Wrocław

If one were to give sounds the character of living organisms, one could imagine that sounds meet, react to each other, visit each other, experience very interesting events and vice versa – fall into emptiness and vagueness. Perhaps they form groups, exchange ideas and doubts, get interested in each other, and then get bored with each other. And just as they wait for each other, hoping for a successful visit, they later avoid each other fearing losing time and energy in bad company. These and other expectations of socializing sounds also develop in them hesitant, uncertain states, reminiscent of indecisiveness. Unlike polyphonic discussions in an intimate circle, or even the shouting and singing typical of neighborhood events, it can happen that each sound remains alone in the four walls of its own interior, thus deterring the thought of participating in an acoustic common space. To sound, to remain silent? To stay, to leave?

Live performance at 4 pm and 6.30 pm.

Admision free. You do not need entry tickets for events planned in the NFM foyer.

The project is a part of the Sound Gallery – a special event of the Musica Polonica Nova festival.


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