Cohaere Ensemble
La Viva Fiamma / fot. archiwum zespołu
Forum Musicum
Trans-Alpine Musical Journey
8:00 PM
Town Hall, Principal Room

C. Tessarini Il piacier delle dame
M. Corrette Sonata No. 2 in D minor from Les délices de la solitude op. 20
(performers: Cohaere Ensemble)


P. Phalèse Pavane et Gaillarde Ferrarese from Danseries Livre I (1571)
P. Attaignant Amours, amours; Jectes moy sur l’herbette, Jamais ung cueur from 27 Chansons musicales a quatre parties (Paris 1533)
G. Frescobaldi Canzon vigesimaprima from Canzoni per sonare con ogni sorte di stromenti (Venice 1608)
J. Dowland Pavan, Galliard from Opusculum neuwer Paduanen, Galliarden, Couranten und Volten (Frankfurt 1610)
P. Peuerl Canzona No. 13  fromWeltspiegel, das ist neue teutsche Gesänge (Nurnberg 1613)
G. Frescobaldi Canzon seconda à 4 sopra Romanesca from Canzoni da sonare a una, due, tre et quattro (Venice 1634)
P. Sandrin Doulce memoire from Tielman Susato Second livre des chansons a quatre parties (Antwerp 1553)
C. de Rore Or che 'l ciel et la terra e 'l vento tace from Il primo libro de madrigali cromatici à 5 voci (Venice 1552)
G. Frescobaldi Canzon quarta à 4 from Canzoni da sonare…
Henryk VIII Madame d’amours; Hélas madame; Adieu madame et ma maistresse from Henry VIII Manuscript (British Museum, MSS, ADD 31922)
C. de Rore Cantai mentre ch’i’ arsi del mio foco from Il primo libro…
A. Holborne Last Will and Testament; Heigh ho holiday; Galliard from Pavans, Galliards and other Short Aeirs (London 1599)
P. Phalèse Allemande et Saltarello Poussinghe from Recueil de danseries, contenant presque toutes sortes de danses (1583)
(perfomers: Ensemble of Renaissance Transverse Flutes La Viva Fiamma)



Cohaere Ensemble
Marta Korbel – violin
Monika Hartmann – cello
Maurycy Raczyński – harpsichord

Ensemble of Renaissance Transverse Flutes La Viva Fiamma:
Magdalena Pilch – treble flute, tenor flute
Aleksandra Swinarska – treble flute, tenor flute, percussion
Justyna Wójcikowska – tenor flute, percussion
Nicola Łacfik – tenor flute
Radosław Orawski – tenor flute, bass flute
Marek Pilch – chest organ, regal

Town Hall, Principal Room
Rynek 1, 50-996 Wrocław
from 35 to 45 zł

Transverse flutes enjoyed great popularity throughout the Renaissance Europe, as evidenced by the inventories of instruments from the courts of European rulers aspiring to the role of patrons of the arts, preserved until today. About fifty flutes were owned by the Accademia Filarmonica di Verona, whose collection has survived to this day – the copies of the instruments stored there are played by the ensemble La Viva Fiamma, which will perform during the concert. The Transalpine musical journey will take us from Ferrara and Venice through Nuremberg, Frankfurt and Paris to London.

In the first part of the concert, the Cohaere Ensemble will perform a composition by Carl Tessarini, born around 1690 in Rimini. It is known that even at an advanced age, this artist remained creative and wrote new works, and the history of his life proves his extraordinary professional activity, which earned him a big fortune. He wrote only instrumental music, in which the violin dominated. Then we will listen to the works of Michel Corrette, a musician with broad interests, a talented and prolific composer, publisher, organist, teacher and author of many musical manuals.

After the break, our musical journey will be accompanied by pieces that could have been performed on flutes or on other instruments in the 16th and early 17th centuries. Among them we find both four-part French chansons and five-part Italian madrigals. Strictly instrumental music is represented by dances as well as polyphonic instrumental canzonas, including those composed by Girolamo Frescobaldi. In this way, we reach a boundary i.e. the music of the early Baroque. The pieces will be presented by the La Viva Fiamma transverse flute consort, established in 2019 on the initiative of Magdalena Pilch. It is currently the only ensemble of this type in Poland, and it consists of undergraduates and graduates of the classes of historical transverse flutes and recorders of the Grażyna and Kiejstut Bacewicz Academy of Music in Łódź. 







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