Naïssam Jalal
Naïssam Jalal
Jazztopad Festival
Nguami Maka FRAG MEN TOS / Naïssam Jalal – Quest of the Invisible
7:00 PM
NFM, Red Hall

Nguami Maka:
Mulumba – puíta, hungo, kisanji, lata, dikanza
Nando – ngoma solo
Eliseu – dikanza
Pascoal – mukindu
Roma – ngoma base


Naïssam Jalal – Quest of the Invisible
Naïssam Jalal – flute, voice, composition
Leonardo Montana –  piano
Claude Tchamitchian –  double bass
guest appearance: Hamid Drake – drums


NFM, Red Hall
plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław
from 20 to 65 zł

Angola’s diverse music is very popular, although we usually experience it in a mediated way, transformed by the Angolan diaspora perspective. The FRAG MEN TOS project by Nguami Maka (the band’s name means “no problem”) brings lesser-known rhythms to the international music scene, such as kilapanga, kazacuta, xinguilamento and kabetula. Born in Paris to a family of Syrians, Naïssam Jalal explores the connections between Arabic music, jazz and various African traditions.

FRAG MEN TOS puts Angola’s percussion instruments in the foreground. Some resemble instruments from Brazil, for example hungo (the Brazilian counterpart is called berimbau), dikanza (known as reco-reco in Brazil) and puíta (on which the Brazilian cuíca is based). With FRAG MEN TOS, Nguami Maka also experiments with instruments such as mukindu, ngmoas, lata (powdered milk can) and kisanji. The title of the project emphasizes the performance being based on an unfinished work, reflecting Angola’s scattered identity, requiring musicians to fill in the missing pieces with improvisation. The group presents such musical styles as: kilapanga, in 6/8 metre, widespread across the continent; kazacuta, in 4/4 metre, from the suburbs of Luanda, giving great opportunities for improvisation; semba, the most popular rhythm outside Angola that has had a great influence on Brazilian music; kabetula, another groove from the suburbs that is highly syncopated; and xinguilamento, used in ritualistic ceremonies.

Naïssam Jalal is wholeheartedly committed to building bridges between traditions and countries, for which she uses the power of music. During the concert with the trio, with which she will appear at this year’s Jazztopad, Quest of the Invisible, featuring Brazilian pianist Leonard Montana and French double bass player Claude Tchamitchian, in addition to playing the flute, she will present her excellent vocals. The artists achieve an exceptional level of elegance on recordings, exploring thrilling harmonies and meandering melodies, and subtly combining different traditions. Sometimes, they take a big turn with the eminent Chicago drummer Hamid Drake appearing in four songs. Although embedded in jazz music, Drake has a deep knowledge of all kinds of global traditions and is a true master at playing the hoop drum, an essential instrument in Arabic music. So not only will we see the premiere of the Naïssam Jalal trio during the Jazztopad festival – Hamid Drake will accompany the group on stage for a few songs.

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