Jazztopad Festival
David Murray Brave New World Trio / Hamid Drake's Turiya: Honoring Alice Coltrane
7:00 PM
NFM, Main Hall

David Murray – saxophone
Brad Jones – double bass
Hamid Drake – drums

Sheila Maurice-Grey – trumpet, vocals
Jan Bang – electronics
Jamie Saft – piano, keyboards
Pasquale Mirra –  vibraphone, percussion
Joshua Abrams –  double bass, guembri
Hamid Drake – drums, percussion

With guest appearance of:
Naïssam Jalal – flute
Michiyo Yagi – koto

NFM, Main Hall
plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław
from 40 to 150 zł

Although at the beginning of his career his playing style resembled the strong phrases of Albert Ayler, twenty years later Californian saxophonist David Murray was already a more traditional post-bop supporter and an extremely active improviser who constantly combined his love of classical jazz with the impetus that prompted him to continue exploring. On the other hand, the comprehensive approach to Hamid Drake’s music references the spirituality of Alice Coltrane, but the artist also has his own world of ideas and has assembled a fascinating, global band to bring them to life. The concert closing the 19th Jazztopad Festival will be an excellent opportunity to find out about it.

David Murray has established himself as a talented composer, creating melodies that, like pop songs, will stay in the mind for a long time, and as a soloist of amazing versatility, adorning his repertoire with endless surprises. His unbridled curiosity made him lead versatile trios, dynamic big bands and vigorous octets, and his counterpoint arrangements gave the audience a lot of impressions. Murray is also the founder and member of the World Saxophone Quartet, a formation that proves that the composition for saxophones alone offers powerful possibilities for polyphonic improvisation and kaleidoscopic harmonies. Earlier this year his band, Brave New World Trio, released the sensational album Seriana Promethea, which leaves no doubt as to the artist’s energy and vision. He recorded it with drummer Hamid Drake and double bass player Brad Jones. The musicians give Murray plenty of space to explore catchy melodies, find endless variations on a single theme, and move between musical tradition and freedom.

Chicago drummer Hamid Drake heard an Alice Coltrane concert at Ravinia Park in the early seventies. During this time, the artist finally managed to come out of the shadow of her late husband, John, and her original music was gaining more and more popularity. It made a great impression on Drake, and the finale of the festival will be a tribute to Coltrane’s memory. The drummer will play with Chicago double bass player Joshua Abrams, leader of the Natural Information Society, who is the band’s harmonic anchor. New York-based versatile keyboard player Jamie Saft is a keen listener. The trio provides a dynamic, polyrhythmic structure, which is complemented by an unusual combination of sounds: warm, harmonically sharpened vibraphone sound produced by the Italian Pasquale Mirra, sample-driven musical landscapes by Norwegian Jan Bang, and agile, concise phrases played on the trumpet by Englishwoman Sheila Maurice-Gray. Flautist Naïssam Jalal and koto player Michiyo Yagi will guest appear.

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