Chór Chłopięcy NFM / fot. Karol Sokołowski
Choral concerts
In Love with Singing
5:00 PM
NFM, Red Hall

Ł. Urbaniak Życie
Z. Zaprov Alleluia
L. Donati Ponetemente
P. Jańczak Kyrie
G. Miśkiewicz Laudate Dominum omnes gentes
R. Vaughan Williams Let All the World in Every Corner Sing
R. Broda How Do I Love Thee (world premiere)
J. Campanus Vodňanský Rorando coeli
A. Rocławska-Musiałczyk The Sun of Real Peace from Five Images for prepared choir
C. Monteverdi Quel augellin che canta
J. Sykulski Stoi lód na Prośnie
Evening Rise – American traditional  
D. Forrest Good Night, Dear Heart
C. Niemen Jednego serca (arr. M. Wawruk; solo: Karina Reske)


Małgorzata Podzielny – conductor, artistic direction of the choirs
Agnieszka Lewandowska-Gryś – piano
NFM Boys’ Choir
“Rondo” Vocal Ensemble

60 min
NFM, Red Hall
plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław
from 20 to 55 zł

During a concert under the direction of Małgorzata Divisible, two Wrocław choirs will perform in the Red Hall – the Boys' Choir of the National Forum of Music and the “Rondo” Vocal Ensemble. We will hear works of contemporary composers, although there will also be some old choral pieces.

Among the compositions of Polish artists there is Kyrie by Piotr Jańczak and Laudate Dominum omnes gentes composed specially for the NFM Boys' Choir by Grzegorz Miśkiewicz. These re sacred works, and so is Ave Maria by a young composer active in Wrocław – Michał Ziółkowski. In the music, the artist is most interested in obtaining a subtle sound and clarity of form. Radosław Broda, a chorister belonging of the NFM, whose work How Do I Love Thee will be premiered during the concert, will make his debut as a composer. His piece will precede the famous song by Czesław Niemen – One Heart in an arrangement by Marcin Wawruk.

The programme also features works by international composers: Macedonia’s Zapro Zaprov, Italy’s Lorenzo Donati, and Dan Forrest – an American composer and pianist. The choristers will also perform the 17th-century sacred motet Rorandeo coeli by the Czech artist Jan Campanus Vodňanský, and the antiphon Let All the World in Every Corner Sing a leading English composer of the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries – Ralph Vaughan Williams. Beyond the framework of classical music will be the performance of The Flood from the repertoire of Katie Melua and a traditional American melody Evening Rise.

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