Musica Electronica Nova
4:00 PM
NFM, Black Hall

Eda Er Future Race (2016)  
Engin Dağlık
I’ve (Found) some (Objects) (2018)  
Fulya Uçanok
Assembly (2017)  
Gökalp Kanatsız
Medicus Part II (2017)  
Gökçe Uygun
k.e.m. (2020) *
Uğurcan Öztekin
Visions of Z III (2018) *
Güneş Bozkır
 (de)generation (2018) *

* premiere


Güneş Bozkır – curator

50 min
NFM, Black Hall
plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław
from 20 to 30 zł

Akusma Forum is a project initiated by a recognized Polish composer, and until a few years ago Musica Electronica Nova’s Artistic Director, Elżbieta Sikora. The idea is to present to the audience a panorama of electroacoustic music from various countries. This year it will be Turkey, Italy, Germany and Poland.

“I think it’s very interesting to delve the environment of a country to see if its specificity still exists, if there’s any distinctiveness related to its geography, or if it’s all blurring because the world is completely mixed up now. I am pleased that I can entrust curation to several composers, young composers, very young artists,” said Pierre Jodlowski, Artistic Director of the festival.

“If in your mind you must measure time by the seasons, let each one surround all the others,and let today be filled with memories of the past and longing for the future” – these are the words of the Lebanese writer and poet Khalil Gibran with which Eda Er, hailing from Istanbul, describes her composition. In her work, she explores the potential of narrative and physicality. The I’ve (Found) some (Objects) by Engin Dağlık is part of a larger project called Wunderkammer, authored by the same artist. This sound and light installation, which can also be described as a performance, is based on the subjective perception of the acoustics of a given place and an attempt to define its boundaries. The method of contrast is used by Fulya Uçanok in the Assembly, which begins with single sounds, gestures and silence. These elements together form “organisms”, gradually accumulating, surviving in successively increasing noise. The relation of individuality to the whole is the perspective employed by this artist. Gökalp Kanatsız in the Medicus Part II focuses on the micro-assembly technique. The sound effects used in the composition create short and long musical structures. Gökçe Uygun in the k.e.m. wants to present the concept of listening with the artist’s ears, and at the same time perceiving space by others.

Created in 2018, the Visions of Z III refers to the delirium of Zebercet, the protagonist of the novel Anayurt Oteli by Turkish writer Yusuf Atılgan. Uğurcan Öztekin creates a musical structure based on the writer’s narrative. The concert will culminate with the (de)generation by Güneş Bozkır – composer and curator of the event, who in an intriguing way touches on the issue of facial expressions suppressed and classified by social norms, as well as the issue of progressive technology, subordinated to the dogmas of a system.

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