Kompopolex / fot. Monika Stolarska
Musica Electronica Nova
9:00 PM
Wyspa Tamka, Art-Hub & Club

Kelley Sheehan Brainzaps for flexible ensemble, tape and video (2020)
Piotr Bednarczyk
triggered for percussion, accordion, computer and strobe light (2020/2023) *
Rafał Ryterski
Breathe for three performers and computer (2020)
Jorge Sánchez-Chiong
Salt Water  three performers, audio track and video version (2014/2015)
Olgierd Żemojtel
BANKSY________ for accordion, samplers and audio track (2022)
Katarina Gryvul
Chasm for percussion, accordion and computer (2023) *
Marta Śniady
Body X Ultra for three performers, objects and electronics (2023) *

The objects used in Body X Ultra by Marta Śniady were designed in cooperation with Wiktoria Lenart and Mateusz Frąszczak.

* premiere

Strobe lights will be used during the event.


Ensemble Kompopolex:  
Aleksandra Gołaj – percussion
Rafał Łuc – accordion  
Jacek Sotomski – electronics  

60 min
Wyspa Tamka, Art-Hub & Club
wyspa Tamka 2, 50-137 Wrocław
from 25 to 35 zł

As they write about themselves – they perform engaged and engaging songs, often abandoning their instruments and picking up cables, keyboards, dancing and singing instead. Ensemble Kompopolex brings together Aleksandra Gołaj, Rafał Łuc and Jacek Sotomski. As part of Musica Electronica Nova, they will perform together during a concert in Tamka Str, performing recent music pieces, including many premieres.

The Triggered is a piece composed specially for Ensemble Kompopolex. The performance forces include objects, accordion, electronics, and a strobe. The starting point for creating the composition were sounds perceived as stimulating – changing personal psychophysical impressions. Hence, the work includes diverse sounds, entangled into one tissue – from those associated with the ASMR trend, through industrial ones, to those embedded in noise aesthetics.

The BANKSY________ for accordion, samplers and an audio track by Olgierd Żemojtel was created with the line-up in mind, too. The main sound fabric is distorted recordings of quotes from the famous British graffiti artist. In the Breathe, Rafał Ryterski returns to 2020, a breakthrough in the history of humankind. This is not only about the pandemic, but also about social changes taking place around the world. The composer’s point of departure is breath – its presence in public space, community, individuality and its possible shortage caused by the action of another human being. In the Body X Ultra, which will have its premiere, Marta Śniady asks questions about the role of design in the modern world. Usable objects allow us to amplify the possibilities of the body. Yet art is more difficult to grasp, being a world of ideas that eludes definitions. What if that division begins to blur? Where is the border between art and design, technology and the body, everyday life and beauty?

Among the compositions by international artists, we will hear Kelley Sheehan’s Brainzaps – a work that is a sound reflection of “brain seizures”, often described as a feeling resembling short electric shocks in the head, which sometimes propagate to other parts of the body. It is painless, although it does not leave the entire system indifferent. In the SALT WATER, Jorge Sánchez-Chiong focuses on a canon by Johann Sebastian Bach. The created contrast between order and chaos becomes the main axis of the work. “The potential decay and impermanence of our reality, the duality reflecting the paradoxical nature of existence, in which loss and renewal are inextricably intertwined” – these words describe the Chasm, a new work by the Ukrainian composer of the young generation, Katarina Gryvul.



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