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August 2017
8:00 PM
Collegiate Church of the Holy Cross and St Bartholomew
Plac Kościelny, Wrocław

Music from Nunneries to the Glory of Holy Women


Ensemble Peregrina (Basel):
Agnieszka Budzińska-Bennett – voice & artistic direction
Lorenza Donadini – voice
Hanna Järveläinen – voice
Grace Newcombe – voice
Baptiste Romain – fiddle


Music from Nunneries to the Glory of Women Saints

holy virgins (Spanish Cistarsian nuns, 14th c.; German Benedictine nuns, 12th c.)
Virgines egregie  (Roman de Fauvel  and Las Huelgas, 14th c.) 
Casta catholica (Las Huelgas, 14th c.)  
Hildegard of Bingen O dulcissime amator (Symphonia virginum, 12th c.) 

St Clare  
(German Clarisses 15th c.)
Gaude celi ierarchia         
Clara Dei famula   
Clara Dei famula        

St Agnes and Mary 
(devotio moderna in the Netherlands, 15th c., German Benedictine nuns, 12th c.) 
Salve virgo speciosa – cantio for St Agnes (Utrecht, 15th c.) 
Hildegard of  Bingen O virga ac diadema (Sequentia de Sancta Maria; 12th c.)
Ave pulcherrima regina  (Utrecht, 15th c.) 
St Barbara, St Mary Magdalene, St Catherine  
(Swiss and German Domoinican nuns, 14th and 15th c., devotio moderna in the Netherlands, 15th c.) 
Digne colat ecclesia – cantio for St Barbara (Utrecht, 15th c.) 
O Christi pietas V. Virginis – responsorium for St Catherine  (Basel, Klingental, 15th c.)
Katerina Costi regis / Virginibus Dignior – motet for St Catherine (Germany, 15th c.) 
In lectulo meo – antiphon for St Mary Magdalene (Basel, Klingental, 15th c.) 
Fundans Sion –  antiphon praising for St Mary Magdalene (Basel, Klingental, 14th c., instrumental version)

St Ursula and Mary
(German Benedictine nuns, 12th c.)
Hildegard of Bingen Spiritui Sancto honor (De undecim milibus virginibus) for St Ursula
Hildegard of Bingen O viridissima virga (De Sancta Maria)  
Mary and St Clare  
(Polish Clarisses, 13th c. )
Ave mater gracie
Omnia beneficia 
O felix haec novitas 
Benedicamus Domino
holy virgins (Spanish Cistersian nuns, 14th c.) 
In virgulto gracie  (Las Huelgas, 14th c.)

Ensemble Peregrina / fot. Susanna Drescher

The programme of the concert by Ensemble Peregrina features music noted down in the leading European nunneries from the 12th to the 15th centuries and in most cases performed where it was written. Additionally, some works devoted to popular women saints, Clara, Agnes, Barbara, Mary Magdalene, Catherine, Ursula and, of course, Mary, will be performed. Other works were dedicated to female groups that were important in liturgy (to holy virgins using the metaphor of the parable of Wise and Foolish Virgins). The Ensemble Peregrina will present music cultivated in the nunneries of German Benedictines, Polish and German Poor Clares, Spanish Cistercians and Swiss Dominicans, in addition to works by Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) - one of the most outstanding personages of medieval Europe. Her output includes numerous works on theology, hagiography, medicine and natural sciences. The most notable people of her time would approach her for advice on politics, diplomacy, and medicine. Her vast musical oeuvre can be regarded as the most outstanding composing achievement of the medieval world.  

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