Adam Kośmieja / fot. Marcin Szpak
Musica Electronica Nova
7:00 PM
NFM, Main Hall, reversed stage

Sławomir Kupczak Concerto for piano and computer**
Jacob Ter Veldhuis The Body of Your Dreams for piano, video and soundtrack*
Kazimierz Serocki A piacere for piano
Nocturne (Dennis Michael, Khieffer Beviz, Istvan Hollos, Mátyás Wettl; group: BlurBoyz) video presentation selected in the 18th Media Art Biennale WRO 2019
Alberto Bernal Claude Debussy from The portraits series for piano and video installation*
Kazimierz Serocki Veloce and Barbaro from Sonata for piano
Helmut Lachenmann Guero for piano

The commissioning of Concerto for piano and computer by Sławomir Kupczak was co-funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage as part of the programme ‘Composing Commissions’ realised by the Institute of Music and Dance.


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Adam Kośmieja – piano
Cezary Duchnowski, Pierre Jodlowski – electronics

NFM, Main Hall, reversed stage
plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław
from 20 to 40 zł

This programme has been conceived  in collaboration with Adam Kośmieja in order to give a generous overview of modern piano writing tendencies.

From electronics to video, from amplified to quarter tones, the piano will demonstrate its symphonic potential and its potential to stay modern. This very diverse programme features a new piece by Sławomir Kupczak, commissioned by the festival, which handles electronics in a very singular way.

NFM Audio Player - obsługa komponentu Event

NFM Video Panel - obsługa komponentu Event

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