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September 2019
5:00 PM
NFM, Red Hall
plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław

Songs from the Forests and Fields | Traditional Polish Folk Music


Joanna Matusiak, Oliwia Łuszczyńska, Zofia Tarasiewicz, Felicja Cierlik, Michalina Mrozikvocals
Highland-style song theatre ensemble ‘Dunawiec’ from Zbylutów
‘Waliszowianie’ ensemble from Nowy Waliszów
Lemko ensemble ‘Łastiwoczka’ from Przemków
‘Gościszowianie’ ensemble from Gościszów (commune of Nowogrodziec)

Henryk Dumin – host


Traditional Polish Folk Music

Mom jo se Janicka (Joanna Matusiak)
Szesnastego lipca z rana (‘Gościszowianie’ ensemble)
Tam pod lasem, pod podolskim (Michalina Mrozik)
W szczyrym polu grusza stoi (Highland-style song theatre ensemble ‘Dunawiec’)
Cinka koszulinka (Zofia Tarasiewicz)
Swit mi misjaczku (Lemko ensemble ‘Łastiwoczka’)
Jakżem jechał z karczemki (Michalina Mrozik)
Hej, w zielonym gaiku zaśpiewaj nam słowiku (‘Waliszowianie’ ensemble)
Tam, w ogródeczku (Oliwia Łuszczyńska)
U jeziora zimna woda (‘Gościszowianie’ ensemble)
W szczerym polu ptaszek siada (Oliwia Łuszczyńska)
Na zielonej horce szubieniczki (Highland-style song theatre ensemble ‘Dunawiec’)
Pod lodem woda (Oliwia Łuszczyńska)
Wletiło jabłoczko (Lemko ensemble ‘Łastiwoczka’)
Ej, dej mie mamo (Joanna Matusiak)
Oj, siadaj, siadaj kochanie moje (Feliksa Cierlik)
Spadła iskierka do ogródeczka (Zofia Tarasiewicz)
Chudobno mie mama miała (Joanna Matusiak)
Ide ja se, ide (Feliksa Cierlik)
Oj, wersze mij, wersze (Lemko ensemble ‘Łastiwoczka’)
Czyjeż to kuniczki po horce brykają (Zofia Tarasiewicz)
Hej, nam hej! W polu na ugorze (‘Gościszowianie’ ensemble)
Paśli pasterze woły (‘Waliszowianie’ ensemble)
Dzieciątko się narodziło (‘Waliszowianie’ ensemble)
Buki moje, buki, uż mi nie szumicie (Highland-style song theatre ensemble ‘Dunawiec’)
Ej, Janicku (Joanna Matusiak)

This project is part of the commemoration of the centennial of the regaining of independence and rebuilding Polish statehood

Śpiewaczka Michalina Mrozik / fot. Ignacy Dumin

Feast of colourful costumes, joy of singing together, richness and diversity of tradition and rarely seen authenticity of performance – this is a concert of various folk music groups from Lower Silesia. We will hear and see Slovak highlanders, descendants of Poles from Podole and Podkarpacie, and migrants from Małopolska who settled in Bosnia in the 19th century. Sometimes funny, sometimes reflective love songs, recruit songs, orphan songs, ritual songs, carols and wedding songs will be performed.

 All the groups represent cultures of regional communities from the south of the Second Polish Commonwealth or the south of Europe, which because of historical turmoil settled in Lower Silesia after the Second World War. In the new home, the newcomers preserved their identity, among others by cultivating the music of their ancestors, which they learned from generation to generation only from the oral transmission of their parents, grandparents and neighbours. The ensembles perform in a multi-generational line-up, often including whole families. Many of the singers still run farms and have a lifestyle characteristic of rural areas. The preservation of living tradition, despite the change of place of residence, shows how music is close to the heart and important for the identity of humans, and how much we identify with the melodies and rhythms that we have been absorbing since childhood. 

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Bilety na to wydarzenie nie podlegają zwrotowi. / Tickets for this event are not refundable.

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