Jarosław Thiel / fot. Karol Sokołowski
Wratislavia Cantans on tour
Domenico Scarlatti – Tolemeo e Alessandro
5:00 PM
Military Academy, Royal Hall

Domenico Scarlatti Tolomeo e Alessandro – concert version


This project is part of the commemoration of the centennial of the regaining of independence and rebuilding Polish statehood


Jarosław Thiel – conductor
Soloists – participants of the 44th Oratorio and Cantata Music Interpretation Course
Wrocław Baroque Orchestra

Military Academy, Royal Hall
ul. Chojnowska 2, 59-220 Legnica
from 5 to 10 zł

The game for the throne of Egypt is the content of Domenico Scarlatti's opera, a work unknown until recently. The title Ptolemy, the son of the famous queen Cleopatra and the Roman general Mark Antony, fights with the help of his brother Alexander for his inheritance – the crown of the pharaohs.

The score of Acts Two and Three of the opera was found just over a decade ago in a historic mansion in England. Until then only Act One was known, discovered also not so long ago. After completing the work, it turned out that Scarlatti, famous for sonatas played by all great pianists to date, was also an able composer of dramatic forms. As many as seven operas, including Tolomeo e Alessandro, were written for the Polish queen Maria Kazimiera, who after the death of Jan III Sobieski settled in Italy.

The intrigues and dilemmas of members of the Egyptian-Roman families will be presented by young soloists (fascinated by the work from before centuries) and the Wrocław Baroque Orchestra under the baton of Jarosław Thiel.

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