Mateusz Feliński / fot;. Łukasz Rajchert
Mateusz Feliński / fot;. Łukasz Rajchert
Musica Polonica Nova
7:00 PM
NFM, foyer

Ewa Trębacz Minotaur  for horn and surround sound (2005)

The work was composed in collaboration with and Josiah Boothby.


Mateusz Feliński – horn
Ewa Trębacz – surround sound projection

NFM, foyer
Plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław

Minotaur is a powerful figure with the body of a human and the head of a bull, guarding a winding labyrinth, known from Greek mythology, and at the same time the title of the composition, which is also a kind of performance in space by Ewa Trębacz. Its main components are spaciousness, an unknown resulting from its structure, and movement – each of these is explored by a soloist who simultaneously performs the piece and walks around various corners of the National Forum of Music.

As the author emphasizes, the Minotaur was created in cooperation with the Seattle-based French horn player Josiah Boothby, in a process resembling film production rather than classical composing practice. The piece is the result of a series of recording sessions made in spaces with unique acoustic features, such as St John Cathedral in Seattle, a desert in eastern Washington state and on the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains. Josiah improvised short phrases and motifs that the composer recorded using three-dimensional sound recording techniques, the so-called ambisonics. This material was then processed and organized into a sequence of sound spaces. During the performance of the piece, the soloist moves in a maze of acoustic spaces – both literally, physically (exploring places) and metaphorically (referring to the spaces trapped in the maze of the electronic part). In the French horn part, the soloist can demonstrate his technical virtuosity by using various extended performance techniques, at the same time demonstrating a creative approach to the recorded sound material.

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