Tateo Nakajima / fot. Łukasz Rajchert
Tateo Nakajima / fot. Łukasz Rajchert
Meetings & Lectures
Music and Acoustics – a talk by Tateo Nakajima
5:15 PM
NFM, Main Hall
NFM, Main Hall
plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław


Musicians from all over the world, critics and specialists, as well as our music lovers continue to say that the NFM acoustics are unique. But what does that mean? How was this effect achieved?

In the opinion of Tateo Nakajima, NFM acoustics designer and conductor: "During the concert, musicians and the audience have a unique experience together - an experience that is based on communication between the composer, musicians and the audience. The acoustic of the hall is what makes this communication possible. It allows artists to use the full range of means of expression, colours and dynamics they need to convey emotions freely to the public. A good acoustic means a stronger, more intense and unforgettable experience. At the same time, the sound we get at the National Forum of Music is not neutral - the hall has its own acoustic personality and is the artists' partner in creating music."

During the lecture, Tateo Nakajima will present the key features of the NFM acoustics. The meeting will be held in English and will be simultaneously interpreted.

NFM Audio Player - obsługa komponentu Event

NFM Video Panel - obsługa komponentu Event

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